Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Curse of the Scary Hair

So, my first bunch of posts were funny little stories where I tried to sound all witty and interesting. Then, typically, I got all ranty. So now I'm in a good mood again I'll write something funny.

So, there's this hair on my arm. Just one hair. It's really fair and blonde (unfortunately it is unlike the rest of the hair on my arms, I am a member of the Hairy Armed Brigade) Anyway, this one hair grows really really long.
It freaks me out a bit. Jade tries to pull it out when I'm not looking. So if you ever hear me suddenly scream and jump 50 yards in the air, you'll know that Jade is on a hair plucking mission.
I'm just not sure what to do with it.
Trim it?
Last night I decided to measure it. (Something to do with it at least)
Cos it seemed to be getting pretty long.


Who has one random 7 centimeter strand of hair growing out of their arm?

*raises hand* I do!

Will anyone ever love me with this insane monstrosity?
What if all my hairs on my arm decide to grow to 7 cms long?
What if it is a symptom of some awful disease?
Why me?

So many questions.

I would post a picture but:

1. It's so fair it is barely noticeableand wouldn't show up with my crappy camera
2. If it did show up on camera, it might look worse than it actually does, which would be embarrassing.
3. It's kinda personal.
4. You'd see how hairy the rest of my arms are.
5. It sits among my arm acne. Which you most certainly do not want to see.
6. Well it's a long hair. If I were to photograph it and post it on the internet that would make me even weirder than having a long hair on my arm already makes me.

The end

*That is not an exagerration. It is actually 7 whole centimetres.

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Brooke said...

Here's the most recent pic of me. I think I'm managing to control the arm hair quite well... not quite 7cm... YET.