Wednesday, March 19, 2008

it's official... jade is a fatty

so today...
omgsh i am one stroppy cow... it's so true. my poor, poor friends. anyway... im a little less stroppy now... almost approachable in fact.

so me and jade attempted once again to find something sparkly for this party.
we found aero hot chocolate.
we found baguettes.
we found hoodies.
we found shampoo.
and we found saxony in sainsburys.

but did we find something sparkly?

actually, jade did. she found a sparkly top, £7 from topshop.
size 16.
we did know it looked like a tent before she bought it.
but when Jade knows what Jade wants there is no stopping her.
soshe bought the top.
despite several missing gems.
and the fact it was 5 sizes too big.

so jade gets out her sewing maching back at home and sews up her curtains.
then she puts away her sewing machine.
then she remembers that she actually got it out in the first place to sew the top.
so she got it back out again. (while all this was happening i have been craving hot chocolate more and more and playing random music off youtube.)
so anyway. jade delves right in and starts sewing the top up in, dare i say it, a fairly haphazard fashion.
anyway 5 minutes later there is a bra clad jade trying to get a size 16 top further on than her nose. eventually she gets it down and asks me to do it up. i ponder whether to let her know that it really will not do up.

so attempt number two. back to the sewing machine...
a bit of sewing later and jade tries it on again. this time jade asks me to do it up. she clenches her boobs tightly to make as much space as possible and i manage to do up the button. cue jade dancing around. cue the button flying through the air. you know those moments when the button pops. jades face was almost as funny as the event itself. anyway. you will be pleased to know that jade fixed it and now has a top to wear to wear to the sparkly party. which is more than i can say for myself :S

anyway. now we are going for some drinks at the harvester. as soon as i've persuaded jade to put some clothes on.
the end

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