Monday, March 24, 2008

My Big Whopper Kill-Me-Now Eek Grr To Do List

Argh so much to do and so little time...
Apparently we have 17 German lessons left. Which leaves 12 after this week...
And that is not enough...

My stress-o-meter has gone from "mildly stressed" to "oh my gosh i can't cope and i have so much to do and so little time and the whole world is going to end any minute".

Things to do:

1. Finish writing my essay entitled: "how important was the role of Martin Luther during the reformation?" In German. Admittedly I have had help from my sister, who chose to research the role of Martin Luther King during the Reformation. So helpful. Not.

2. Figure out what exactly I am going to say in front of over 100 people next Sunday, explaining why I am getting dunked in a box of water, in the middle of a church service. I know why I'm doing it but when you try and put it in words (understandable to people of all ages and intellects) it is so hard to actually say anything that makes sense. Add onto that the fact that I am incapable of speaking publicly without curling up and dying...well, going bright red at least and I just can't bring myself to practice in the mirror...

3. Learn everything I am supposed to have learnt in psychology so far. Luckily, I only actually need a D or something in my end of year exams to still have an A thanks to coursework and AS results but I still think it would do my heart rate a bit of good to actually know anything about Piaget, Schizophrenia or Relationships. Anyway, I have my new highlighters so everything should be just fine... I'm just concerned I've left my revision freak out too late this year.

4. Get rid of the extra few pounds I have accumulated this past week:

Easter chocolate
+ mother baking extravagent meals because it's her easter hols
+ weather too mank to walk or cycle anywhere
+ bank holidays so the gym is closed (and too expensive anyway)
+ comfort eating due to revision stress
+ my ever esculating addiction to hot chocolate
+ other unmentionable on public domain factor
= Lots of unwanted fat and double sized love handles ("love" handles, my ass... dont think there's anything I could hate more)

So, if anyone fancies
a) teaching my mum to cook low calorie meals
b) making the weather hot and sunny
c) making they gym cheaper
d) helping me revise
e) hypnotising me to help me give up hot chocolate
then I will love you forever as will my wardrobe which will fit me again, my photos which won't offend me as much and my stomach which won't be wondering what the hell is going on.

5. Tidy my room. Pictures of the state it is in are posted a few posts earlier.
Current problems with the mess are:
  • It takes me 15 minutes to find a pair of tights which don't have a hole in,
  • I kneel in my eyeshadow every morning,
  • I step on my CDs every night,
  • My matress is all scratchy cos it has no sheets,
  • My books and sheets I need to pass my exams are buried in there somewhere
  • I'm sure I'd be £100 richer if I collected up all the escaped coins
  • The mould on the cups is growing mould
  • There's so much stuff between me and my mirror that I'm having to guess the success of my outfits
  • I've lost anything anyone has ever lent me, it's all buried there somewhere so whenever anyone asks for anything, I can't find it
  • There's a strange noise coming from something somewhere...
  • It smells bad (not sure about admitting to that one...)

6. Make up with my sister. Yes it is truly upsetting she would rather spend easter day in a library than coming to see me but I figure I will have to get over this at some point. I see an immanent phone call.

7. Finish the book I'm reading. Lullaby by Chuck Somethingorother. Sorry Brooke, I dont like it. It is a painful read. I have woken up at 5 in the morning and the light still on with the book across my face cos it has sent me to sleep mid sentence. It has given me nightmares. I just don't understand what is happening half the time. etc etc. But I hate not finishing books. And I want to know what happens. So, that's something I've got to do.

8. Learn my german oral. It's my first exam. It's quite possibly next month. But I keep forgetting what my topic even is.

9. Understand Hamlet. Enough said. I dont give a damn about the relationship between Hamlet and Ophelia but apparently I need to know cos there's some big exam that I need an A in or something... *rolls eyes*

10. Understand all the other literature... e.g. The French Lieutenants Woman, Wuthering Heights... and just generally understand what English lit/lang is all about... except of course seeing the teacher's holiday photos. Obviously what I need to be spending my precious last few english lessons doing.

11. Buy a cucumber. My cucumber 'got finished' today and I'm not sure I can make it through the week without another one.

12. Go to school Apparently I dont go enough or something. Not sure where that idea came from...

13. Send off the forms that I need to send off. No scrap that... Find the forms I'm supposed to have sent off and then send them off.

14. Wash some clothes. Due to the problem of point 5, I do not have many clean clothes left and due to point 4 any I do have won't do up. So I need to actually do some washing.

15. Devirus my computer. It's deffo diseased in some way cos it dies every five minutes.

16. Figure out what I actually want. In about 5 different areas of my life atm I'm stuggling to know what I actually want which makes achieving anything difficult.

There are definitely more things I need to do. But I am also thinking that writing them down in a list isn't helping them get done any quicker. The problem is I dont want to do any of them... I need like a personal butt kicker who can follow me around and whip me when I start flagging. But don't we all?!

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Brooke said...

Hahaha oh dear, sorry about the book. It's a weird read - I liked it anywho.

In other news, my blog just had a makeover but I'm trying to make it look a little less... purple.