Tuesday, March 18, 2008

a valuable lesson for today

advice= good.

ask advice always*

ask your doctor for advice
ask your friends for advice
ask your teachers for advice
ask God for advice
ask random strangers for advice
heck, phone the advice hotline on the back of the toothbrush tube and ask for advice

advice= good.

*NB ask advice but dont always follow it.
1st rule of advice: 80% of advice is from people who think they are great and know everything and is absolutely useless and should be overidden by your instinct** 20% of advice is from wise amazing people who can change your life and should be followed no matter the cost to you...
if only we were all great at discerning which bit belongs to which category... but im beginning to learn that if you stumble upon advice which falls in the 20% then it usually comes with this amazing feeling of conviction that you have to do it.

**for good examples of this, youtube Gillian McKeith

anyway, it's your choice. take my advice and ask for advice or dont take my advice and refuse to be advised (then risk becoming the perpertrator of the 80% category advice)

the end

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