Tuesday, March 18, 2008

yes it's true i am a back stabbing, betraying bitch

lol well not really... i did just drink some pepsi max though... oh how do i deserve to ever find coca cola for 39p a bottle again?!

i would like to add that i am very very cold at this precise moment.

and brooke: Iceland sell golden nuggets. oh the scandal.

my mood at the moment is happy.

i have had a good day... i thought when i woke up this morning that i was actually dead but alas i was still breathing and feeling much pain as i discovered thanks to the metal bit on my bed. not to mention the amazing pain my alarm brings ti my ears every morning.

anyway, i had triple german. i thought well im not dead but surely this will kill me? hour one= exam paper... :S thankfully some 'idiot' decided to set off the fire alarm... always nice to have a break during torture...
hour two= luckily (again... lucky day hey!) the german homework i scribbled over breakfast was actually adequate... relief... i got up at 7 to do that!
hour three= teacher was absent so had a fantastic hour discussing boys, future, God and religion and everything else ever... entirely amusing topped off with Rozi falling over the recycling bin... made my day...

psychology= yet another teacher doing a disappearing act so spent an hour discussing sex (yes pretty much just sex, with a little bit of boys mentioned as well) with some cool people... daisy and cat namely...
was quite funny to watch the sliding scale of "easy" (her words not mine) Lizzie to "i hate boys eek" me with daisy and cat falling in the middle... a fairly diverse conversation really.

anyway, me and jade then went to slough for a crazy primark dash to try and find something, no in fact anything, sparkly. resorted to sparkly spray cos apparently sparkles are not in fashion.

anyway then i came home and attempted to come to some sort of decision about my life which seems to have been productive as i now know have a decision about what to do...

so fairly good really...

im now making a cd for brooke and thinking i should do some work. however i have also just remembered that holbyblue is on to night which almost curbs the pain from the end of series of Supersize vs superskinny.

so im going to go now,

have my dinner.

drink more... dun dun dunnnnnnn.... pepsi max

finish making this CD

open the book about schizophrenia (psych btw, not self help :P)

and watch TV...

they dont call me wonderwoman for nothing (ok yes, i admit, "they" is actually just my dad)

the end

no really

the actual end....


1 comment:

Brooke said...

Well excited now.
No one's made me a CD in years. ACTUAL YEARS.
Hurrah, hurrah.

Don't tell Coke this, but I kinda prefer Pepsi. I mean, it's nothing personal, I still think Coke is very nice. Just keep it hush hush yeah.

And I am most certainly going to Iceland asap for Golden Nuggets.