Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Life is Random

Sunny day. Pretty daffodils. Me cruising along on my bike. And a snowman. Tell me life isn't random when a snowman becomes part of the scenery on a April afternoon.

I went on safari today (just carrying on the random theme there with a random change of topic).

We actually saw 2 lions getting jiggy. I am not joking. Honestly. This massive great big lion just mounted this poor little defenceless lioness (well i hope it was a lioness). Amusing. We also took a picture of the event:

We took a video as well but due to unairable comments made by Jade and Dane, I won't even think about posting that up.

Anyway, enough about that...

As I mentioned the word 'bike' already, I may as well rant about that as well. So twice this year I have been out on my bike. First, was about a week ago. I was out of breath by the end of my street. Not a good start. I think I got around my estate about 3 times before dying* and giving up.

*not literally

So the second time was yesterday. I thought I'd cycle to town. Now, getting to town from my house if fine. You sit on the saddle, lift your feet off the floor, and you roll there in about 20 minutes. Getting back however, is a whole different ballpark. I discovered a great method of cycle for two minutes, walk for 5. No joke. I actually could not get up the hill home.

Anyway, I'm trying it again tomorrow. Wish me luck and hopefully soon I'll be back to my 3 hour long bike treks I loved going on last summer!

Hmm... dunno what else to write about.

Looking forward to going on our church weekend away this friday. When Lizzie and Heather (and now Bryony too :) ) said I could share a room with them I don't think they quite realised what that means :P

I have an amazing tendency (ask anyone whose ever been on a sleepover with me) to get stupidly hyper just at the time everyone else is falling asleep. So I end up giggling to myself, keeping everyone awake and then I'm grumpy the next day. Not to mention the fact I am so, so messy that I can leave my brothers house strewn with my clothes from top to bottom when I''ve only taken one small bag with me. (It's alright, my jeans and tshirt were eventually returned to me once theyd been retrieved from their strewness) So, good luck to those girlies, if you see them on monday they might just be a tad irritable :P

Erm, what else to say? I am going to go and get a cup of tea and think of something interesting to write. Talking of tea, tea and coffee are my new revision aids. I have done revision (9 hours and counting!) and I've been drinking continuous cups of tea and coffee the whole way through. My cupboard is a joke: coffee in 2 different strengths, decaff coffee, tea, decaff tea, all the diff herbal and green teas, and then obviously hot chocolate. My kitchen resembles Starbucks. If only my kettle didnt have the ability to make any cup of anything taste like shampoo. (Not that i've ever tasted shampoo)

Erm so yea,
the end and I will try and think of anything else that might be amusing and add it.
And in case you were wondering, I am indeed drinking tea at the moment. happy times


Claire said...

i remember cycling/flying down to town... then very very slowly walking back up the hill :s


Claire said...

ps so its not just me who youre supertalkative with late a night when i want to sleep then wont talk during the day when im awake and bouncy!!