Saturday, April 19, 2008

More midnight blogging...

11 minutes into April 19th...
watching: Dawn... gets naked...
kinda minging... having to hide behind my pillow at every penis. But I'd watch anything with Dawn Porter in it. Cos she's so seriously hilarious. And I want to be her. Minus the nakedness.

I must recall a conversation between me and Jade from earlier. So seriously funny.
[Looks up from magazine and prods Jade]
Me: Omgsh me and Brooke were watching this well funny girl vlogging last night on youtube.
Jade: Vlogging. What?
Me: You know, video blogging... anyway me and Brooke were both watching her at the same time and talking about how much we wish we were this amazing girl.
Jade: You are the biggest dork I have ever met.

Then followed an argument over whether I really am dorky or not. I say that just because something isnt what Jade likes it doesnt make it dorky. She says no, it doesnt but vlogging actually is dorky.

So I would maybe have won in the "am I dorky" debate until I made another fatal slip up.
Me: Oh.My.Gosh
Jade: what? what??
Me: Guess what's happening tomorrow night...
Jade: what what what???
Me: Dr Who night!!!!!!

Oh dear. OK. Fair enough. Maybe I am a dork.

Speaking of Dr Who. Life is looking up...

Mr Sexalicious Tennant is now...


What do u reckon??
Reckon I've got a chance?
Lol ok maybe not.
However much fun having a boyfriend with a sonic screwdriver would be. And no, that is not a euphemism.

25 minutes left of the naked Dawn programme.
I actually love that woman.
What a legend.
Although she's just moving onto all the 'airbrushing has brainwashed us' mumbo jumbo. Get over it. If you don't want to be measured against fake celebs then don't buy the magazines.
I suddenly feel so naughty for going to Sainsburys solely to buy magazines and then to dedicate an evening to sitting reading them.

I actually am looking forward to going back to school next week.
This week I have:
Got up past midday everyday.
Lived on a diet of hot chocolate.
Ignored my revision.
Spent nearly all day everyday online.
Spent more money than I own.
Gone to bed past 1 am every night.
Done almost nothing worthwhile

Hopefully being back at school will bring some sort of structure and I might remember who Piaget actually is. And I might remember I actually have friends. Cos I havent actually seen them for weeks, maybe even months. Well, it feels like it anyway.

Jade reckons I should write my blog in code. Ok Jade:


Ok, that was nonsense.

Haha this is my ridiculous ability to be unable to concentrate on one thing at a time. I can't just watch Dawn... I've got to do something at the same time. So I will resort to typing complete crap which means nothing.


Tomorrow (or today I suppose it is) is Saturday. Im having a cup of tea with my 2nd mummy tomorrow :) Although I feel a little sorry for her cos I have so much Im gonna moan about. :S
Then I'm doing nothing. Fun. I'll probably shuffle around my revision notes. Then give up. I need to plan Climbers on sunday. Worrying, but I've run it about 5 times now and I dont think I've ever planned it earlier then the night before. And I dont think it's been that awful yet.
Then in the afternoon P150... yay singing... Last p150 rehersal I had a cold and couldnt sing. But now I can offend the world again with my... 'singing'.
Then woooooop DR WHO night.
The best feeling in the world= snuggling up on the sofa with my mummy and daddy, wrapped up in my duvet, with my hot choc watching Dr Who.
Annd it's tomorrow night :)

Oh gosh. This Dawn program is nearly finished. Not sure how many more breasts I can cope with.
Some classic quotes though.
Dawn: I can fully assure you I will not be doing any cartwheels while I'm naked.

My procrastination has taken many worrying forms this week.
I tidied the house. (Even the hoover got involved)
I put on loads of make up and took a photo to use as my profile pic on facebook. (What a time waster)
I played the tetris style game on my phone for hours.

But even more worrying than those procrastination methods is my new addiction to The Weakest Link.
I put it on BBC iplayer then try and shout the answers at the computer screen before the contestant has answered. Oh the overwhelming fun. I'm sure the neighbours think I'm going loopy when I shout EARTHQUAKE at the top of my lungs.
Ive even got as far as watching repeats cos iplayer uploads them at a slower rate to my watching.
Allow facebook, it'll be the weakest link that causes my exam downfall.

Anyway, I think I have successfully sat and written about random crap for an hour now and I really should go to bed even though I'm not at all tired on account of the fact that I only got out of bed 12 hours ago.
Exactly 10 minutes before my haircut.

Good night.

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