Saturday, April 26, 2008

some random cryptic thoughts

see title.

  • i made the decision without being made to so now i should probably listen when you tell me to do things according to the decision. otherwise i'm just fighting against myself.
  • i wonder how you find more happiness doing that then i do, doing this.
  • i still think what i did was right. sorry.
  • i hate watching you do this, you should probably open your eyes a little bit. or a lot.
  • i wish you would listen.
  • thanks for answering my questions but even if you answered them a thousand times over, it still wouldn't make it ok.
  • if i dont know why it matters so much then should it matter at all?
  • i'm trying to figure out why i care so much about what you think. and i know that because i care i'm going to get hurt.
  • it makes me really uncomfortable when you judge me so do you mind not analysing my actions and please stop imposing your stereotypical views on me. conforming to them would probably make things easier but i can't conform. believe me i've tried.
  • i actually wish it was your fault. just so i could rightfully blame someone.
  • i lied. a lot of times. sorry.

hmm this is a bit of an emo post. that's what happens when you listen to too much Damien Rice. i'm debating whether to publish it or keep it private. well now i'll have to publish it otherwise i'm now talking to myself.

on a happier note, last night was really really funny.

i had my sober spyware going on and i'll admit it wasnt a pretty view.

highlights of the night:

>james taking a picture of his todger when i asked him to take a pic for us
>a certain (nameless) someone: we caught you with your hands down his PJ bottoms :P
> emily tripping over the wall
> georgie. enough said.
>nicki after opening her present: "Mum look what they got m... you knew didnt you"
> laura: "jade you're make up is smudged" jade: "laura you're wearing PJs" (be there thing)
>the girl who started chasing Jade for confiscating her alcohol
> stop right now, thank you very much...
> daisy and mark's 'making out'
> michelle: "i'm not that bad. hick"
> nicki: "is it ok. are you sure? is everyone having fu... no but are they having fun... ooh do you want a doughnut?"
> nicki: "put the pics on fb yea... (5 mins later) fone, keep takin pics, put them on fb yea... (5 mins later) fone... etc"
>jade: "we're gonna wee ourselves on the carpet" voices from inside toilet "f*** off"
> another nameless person caught walking off with a rather 'excited' looking someone else
> claire flashing at everyone
>doing grease. drunk. translation: 12 people tripping over each other running around.
> someone pulling down Rachael's trews.
>the (half) human pyramid

*runs and hides before getting hunted down by a hungover mob*

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