Thursday, April 03, 2008

An update on my progress of the big fat to do list

So... I wrote before with my whopper long list of to-do ness.

This is an update of what's done and what's still to do.

Yes, more procrastination.

My mother is watching some TV show about identity fraud... I'm worried it's putting ideas in her head and feeding her paranoia :S Meanwhile, I have just finished watching "Dawn goes lesbian" despite my sister's warnings that I'd be finding out things I really didn't want to. It's ok, my innocence is not as shattered as after Dr Cav's lesson about mutant boys.

There are also 2 more lessons until my whopper 'spring break'. However I know already the entire two weeks will comprise of gym visits and revision, not so exciting really.


Number one on my to do list last week was my Martin Luther essay. it's officially (almost) finished. I still have the joy of referencing which would be a lot easier if the site I used was still working.

Number two was to write my baptism speech. Managed that one, the typed version is here:

So far so good. Sadly. It all goes downhill from there.
Next thing (number 3) was to learn my psych stuff. Looking through the textbook today that doesn't seem quite so simple. :S

Number 4 was to lose some weight. I don't think I have lost any (def due to my hot chocolate addiction) but I don't think I've put any on either... so we're ok...

Tidy my room. All I can say is, as if...

Make up with my sister. Well I didn't really do anythign in order to make up but we're cool now however.

Finish the book I'm reading. Well, actually, I've started another one now. I got 8 books on my baptism and I've decided to plough right in. Sadly, I only understand every other word in this first one as I don't think the author is capable of writing words with less than 20 syllables. But I'm sticking at it and hopefully it'll make me a wiser person.

Learn my germa oral. *Shiftily looks around and at the floor* I apologize in advance for when I come up to you speaking in German as I have a feeling it's going to become my mother tongue soon. Passing the oral is my only hope of a B considering my dire grammar in written german.

Understand Hamlet. People live then everyone dies. Sorted.

Buy a cucumber. i did this one. Although sadly it wasnt a very nice cucumber.

Go to school. I've been loads this week. Ive been to every lesson. Shame I've been in bed for every free. I would tell a great story here but we were told this morning about the importance of being discreet with what we share on the internet so I won't tell it. But do ask if you're interested.

Wash some clothes. Nope, just onto my uber unfashionable side of my wardrobe.

Devirus my comp... meh

Send off the forms I need to send off. This'd be great but I can't remember which forms I'm talking about. They can't have been that important then... could they?

Figure out what I want... hmm yes and no. Doh!

Ok soooo still got soooo much of my life left to sort out.

Other things to do:

Book my ticket to see Avril Lavigne! yay :)
Dye my hair.
Figure out why my teeth hurt so much.
Hand in my coursework!!
Do something productive. Anything at all would be great.
Finish reading my polysyllabic book.

Oh dear, time is a-ticking. And I need to do my referencing. I told myself earlier I'd do it as soon as I got in. Oops. Same as last night wiht my German essay. Was given it a week ago. Scribbled it this morning over breakfast.

Speaking of which. Horror story this morning. There I was, greasy hair, PJs, last nights make up smeared across my face, feeling particularly grunty and trying to do my 45 minute german essay in 15 when in walks this perfectly pruned, very posh woman. (I'm treading easy here, you never know if she'll en up reading this. Gosh, I hope not) Thanks Dad for inviting your friend over and giving us no warning. My dad attempted communication and I grunted 'go away' creating possibly the worst impression of myself. But I couldnt help but wonder why the hell she was in my living room drinking coffee at 8:40 in the morning. Figuring out where I am in the morning is confusing enough.

Lunchtime was also vaguely entertaining. I told my sister I'd go and pick her up from the tattoo parlour in Marlow. I sm slightly worried I am becoming renowned for taking the wrong directions to places and did I do this today? Yes. So after taking almost half an hour to get into Marlow I then had an entirely stressful time trying to retrieve my sister and it resulted in us crossing paths and missing each other about 6 times. Anyway, I did make it back to school in time to discuss cannabis, monks and inflation. In german of course. This was then topped off by my resounding E in the practise paper we did last lesson. Less than 10 more german lessons and I am still only getting E's in the practice papers. I shall remain calm. AAAAAAARRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH

Anyway, wish me luck with revision and if you havent already, read my baptismal reflections cos it took me flaming ages to write out all my thoughts and I promise it is the most profound you will ever catch me.

The End

P.S OH MY GOSH re Holby Blue...

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