Friday, May 16, 2008

Let's talk about acne.

It's no great secret that my skin represents that of a 13 year old. Sadly, spots run in my genes and I am destined to be burdened with them forevermore. I've actually given up trying to blend in my foundation line, cos let's be honest, it's just a fact of my life that I have spots and life is too short to try and feign a flawless complexion.

Anyway, last month, after being asked TWICE by a certain unnamed 7 year old whether I had chicken pox, I thought right, I will try everything to get smooth skin. As long as it doesn't cost more than £2.

And today was a happy day. Instead of pasting on my usual foundation (specially marketed as being for a 'flawless finish') I dug out my tinted moisturisor because I don't actually have many spots to cover. I'm not saying my skin is great, it never will be, but it's a lot better than representing chicken pox.

So, the point of this is actually to share with you a hidden secret in life which really just does not deserve to be so hidden.

Dr Stuart's Extraordinarily Good Tea Skin Purify. (Yes, that is what it's called). This stuff is clear skin in a box.

Admittedly on first gulp I did have to quickly add a zillion sweetners but now I am well accustomed to the taste. However, I suggest you don't attempt to make iced tea with this tea. It turns a magical potion into something very very evil. Just don't even try it.

Sometimes it actually pays to be a gullible victim of marketing campains.

And just an extra note, something to serve as comfort when the spots inevitably return:

"However, the actress added that she still suffers from embarrassing bouts of acne: "I'll look in the mirror and be like, 'Damn, where did that come from?' Seriously! I'm 35 years old. When is this going to stop?!""~ Cameron Diaz

If acne plagues the goddess then it can plague me anyday!!

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