Wednesday, May 28, 2008

lost in a sea of work

I am so bored of revision. Like so bored. My revision timetable is jam packed of absolutely mundane topics that I have to actually sacrifice some of my life to, in order to spend the rest of my life doing anything worthwhile. Deferred gratification. That's the official name for it... when you have to wait before getting something you want. Hmm I suppose the whole of life is just one long phase of deferred gratification.

My mum is watching the news at the other end of the room. I don't quite understand why the newsreader said "Good Evening " at the beginning when actually, if all of today's murders, rapes and wars are anything to go by, then it's not a good evening at all.

I'm also beginning to worry I might die from artificial sweetner poisoning. Oh well, better than dying from obesity I suppose.

Daisy's party was last night and it was really quite funny. I think I actually didn't stop dancing the entire night... I have to say there are two comedy crowns this time round. Obviously the first goes to Daisy for being almost paralytic... incomprehensible and deffo not upright! And second to Georgie:

*Georgie comes into toilet and sprays armpits with toilet spray*
Georgie: "I smell like the ocean!"
Someone else: " No Georgie, you smell like a toilet".

*Georgie comes running into the toilet*
"I would just like to point out that someone is getting with the bouncer. And it's not Georgie!"

Anyway, that was our last bid for freedom before the dreaded exams.

Hmm I am just considering whether there is anything else worth writing about.

I've just been bombarded by siblings. First my brother which was nice... I'm sure he's never done anything more thrilling than looking through all my photos from the last week of school :P

Then Rachel came. Woke me up at some insane hour every morning. And kept me up until some insane hour every night. And used all the hot water. And made me give her lifts all the time. And then complained when I was a snappy bitch. Hmm I wonder why.

The Claire came (yes I am not joking, all 3 in 1 week). Or should I say a super slim version of Claire came. Would have been fine except when she shouted out in front of my mum "you kissed him?! I hope he didn't touch your boobs!". Thanks Claire, thanks a lot. Although she's forgiven for bringing me lots and lots of presents.

And to think last week I was crying cos I was missing them. Careful what you wish for *

* I'm just joking it was lovely to see them again.

The news on the TV has changed and now there seems to be some serious debate over "can leather sofas really be dangerous for you?".

Oh, some very newsworthy news... I actually cleaned out my car. Anyone who's been in it recently will have had to wade their way through books, pens, various other stationery, mouldy orange peel (which wasn't even mine I'd like to point out, apparently my car is being used by my friends as a dustbin), empty grape packets (yea, ok they were mine) and lots and lots of those stick on parking tickets. Anyway, I cleared it all out, even the grapes that had shrivelled up and resembled raisins (no, actually) and put a lot of Febreeze all over it. However, my friends confirmed later that it still smelt pretty bad. And now it is littered with half full beer cans.
So it's now drivable without driver and passengers gagging for the entire journey.

Hmm I so cannot be bothered to go to bed. The news is now just depressing everyone even more by sharing with us the weather for the next week. Thanks.

Some things I love at the moment:

Minimilks- omgsh yum!! and only 30 calories... I swear if I get my grades I will actually write to the manufacturers to thanks them for producing the best revision aids going. I remember last summer they were actually my fave things in the world... now we just need the sun to come back cos let's face it, they are best enjoyed outside in the sun.

The Inbetweeners- If you have not seen this then I command you to NOW download 4OD and watch them all. The funniest TV series ever produced. And scarily accurate (albeit exaggerated) representation of teenage life.

Natcas- This is the code name for Natalie Cassidy's Then and Now workout. Damn, I've let the cat out of the bag now!! Oops anyway, it's amazing. Go buy it. There's nothing like having a break from a morning of revision and then prancing round the living room for an hour... and it just makes you feel so healthy.

Herbal tea- see one of my last blogs about Dr Stuart. Legendary.

Dancing- Oh I love nothing more than a good old prance around at a party :)
And last night was one of the best prance arounds... good tuneage Dais :P

Omgsh I have a severely numb bum.

I need to go to bed because tomorrow I have to get up and help at holiday club. I'm not actually sure yet what that will entail but I do know I have to be there by 9 and it's probably best not to sleep in... again. (We did that last time... *slaps wrist*)

Haha well this is a random blog really. Although I feel I need to keep it updated seeing as people keep coming up to me and telling me that they are reading it... not that I am a procrastination tool for my friends :P


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