Thursday, May 29, 2008

money money money... must be funny

(n.b that is not my hand, i am definitely not that hairy)

I've been thinking a bit about money lately, mainly due to my overwhelming lack of it, and general lack of it among most of my friends. But then I thought a little bit more... and I thought, there's not really a lack of it at all. Here we are, from our middle class families, with daddy there paying off our university debts. (Ok, I am not talking about all my friends here obviously but I'd say at least half of us live in our cushty little houses). We go out for meals at least twice a month, we buy drinks at parties which cost up to £3, sometimes more, a pop and we don't have to stress too much about producing £300 to go on holiday. Some of us have pretty hefty savings stashed away and some of us are rabid little earners. But we are always moaning about being skint. "Pay day has left me sad." "I can't believe I can't afford that dress/shoes/haircut" "I need money" "I wish I could win the lottery". I've heard it all. I've said it all. And it's just beginning to irk me.(This is where I become rich because I no longer am invited to these parties at which we drink money :P) I'm not going to start the love of money, root of all evil preach because it's not. (The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil) We need to consider the greater implications of harbouring our money and realise it can have consequences that reach further than being considered a tightwad. It's not a diss at anyone in particular, or even a diss at all I just want people to think twice. I know I am one of the worst culprits, I scored 0 in the test for giving (ok only some people will know what that's about but translation- I do not have a talent for being selfless with money). I remember when I earned my £30 a week at the chemist I just could not see why I should give up any of my hard earned (on my hands and knees half the time scrubbing dusty, dirty, 10 year old of date stock) to any charity. I mean, obviously my need for cinema tickets, costa coffees and new jeans was faaaar too important to consider giving any of my precious money to someone else. However I did give my money away (albeit absolute meagre amounts) but I sometimes wonder what was the point. "God loves a cheerful giver" was the message I had to preach to the kids at church last sunday... and I can't help but feel there's possibly noone less qualified to pass on this message. I'd love a change of heart on this matter and sometimes I do feel more strongly about it. At the moment I don't give very much money anywhere because all my money comes from my parents and they give so my warped logic says they've given for me. Pathetic isn't it. I do try to give my time though, because like anyone (well most people) I get that disgust at the injustice of the world. I get so wound up to see that this celebrity here has spent £2million on a new house when there are people, right under their noses, in their very own country, who can't even afford a loaf of bread.
To make a controversial comment, I don't believe anyone has the right to be rich. I believe giving should be in proportion to earning and if anyone has enough money to make them a millionaire then quite frankly, they are keeping too much money to themselves. Being at the top of a rich list, I don't think is anything to be proud of, quite frankly I'd be damn ashamed. How can they swim around in their millions when there are people starving to death and sleeping rough. And why have all this wealth? Would you rather die with a load of money which you can't even use left behind or would you rather die knowing your fortunate situation in life was able to save others' lives?
Redistribution of the worlds wealth, cancelling of third world debts, more generosity and less squandering. Why isn't it happening? Because people like me are selfish and have their eyes shut to the desperate needs of their fellow humans. I think it's time we opened our eyes and stopped forgetting the actual value of that "60 quid I wasted in town".

End of rant.

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