Saturday, May 03, 2008

one whole week

Brooke: "You haven't updated your blog for a while"
Me: "I'm trying to go a week without, just to prove I'm not addicted"
Brooke: "Nah... you should just blog"
Me: "But I was kinda thinking my next blog would be about how I haven't blogged for a week"
Brooke: "So let me get this straight, you are not blogging for a week just so you can make a blog about how you haven't blogged. O-Kaaay"

Haha. Yea, that doesn't really make any sense. But at least it's official: I'm not addicted. *shifts eyes* haven't even thought about blogging at all this week *cough. cough*

So last night's party was pretty jokes really. I wouldn't like to disgrace my blog with the details so I won't. Some horrendously funny stories which I know only Brooke would find funny so I won't write them on here. I was a bit of a camera whore really, but I'm paying for it today with all the dodgy photos.
Sadly there was not much gossip caught on the sober spyware radar. Guess that's what happens when you have to pay for drinks.
Best moment by far: when a drunken (nameless) person came up to Andy to dirty dance with him and he literally turned and ran away with the best expression ever lol. Good old Andy!

Er... so got my exam timetable this week. 9 exams. I shall remain calm... (repeat with me)

This morning I cleaned out the river because of this:

I have been having a battle with my computer this week. It really doesn't want me to be able to use the internet. Just what I need. It's ok at the moment (funnily enough) but probabaly won't last. However, when on my mum's laptop I did discover my extra cool font didn't work and so I've changed it now. Cos everyone really needs to know that.

Am moment, I am painstakingly removing red eye from hundreds of photos. :(

This blog is really boring.

This week has just been amazingly uneventful (which is probably why I've been able to refrain from blogging).

Yea, that's about it really. How pathetic.

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