Friday, June 20, 2008

fish. a metaphor for freedom?

To be honest, this is just the old cliched woohoo exams are over blog entry.

Exams are basically a concentrated period of extreme emotions. I have categorised these emotions into 3 main... categories:

Pre panic- reality has not set in, life is good and the next exam will be fine. indicating emotions/actions include: procrastination, relaxed, sunbathing.

Panic!- reality has set in, life is one big stress and the next exam will be the beginning of the end of your life. indicating emotions/ actions include: worrying, stress, crying, moaning, tense, physically sick, scared and general feelings of impending doom.

Post panic- also known as 'past caring' you don't give a toss about reality, life just doesn't matter anymore and you don't know nor care when your next exam is. indicating emotions/ actions include: defeated, depressed, whatever, more procrastination and giving up halfway through exams.

So big thank yous to everyone who has put up with me sunbathing one minute and screaming the next. It's not me, it's the exam demon.... honest :S

Ok time for my exam reflections (yes i know that is so lame but what else do you expect from a serial blogger/ worrier/ thinker)

Probably Definitely the only thing that has got me through the exams is knowing God's got a plan whatever happens and that it is him who I'm working for. And I hope I have honoured God by trying my hardest. I'm not too sure that I will get the grades to do what I want but it's not about what I want, and I'm happy to do whatever God wants me to.

That said, I'll need it playing on repeat on the week of results :S

The most scary exam award goes to english unit 4, for being the first exam and for reducing me to an absolute nervous wreck.

The hardest exam award goes to german reading... wth?

The i give up exam reward goes to english unit 6.

The blood pressure through the roof exam award goes to psychology unit 4.

The mega cram for exam reward goes to psychology unit 5.

The stupidest exam award goes to english unit 6.

English unit 6. Last exam. Two and a half hours. 3 texts with a common theme need to be compared. And what was the common theme this year? Fish. Yup 2 and a half hours of writing about fish. I hope the examiners laugh cos I sure didn't.

But on the upside, i managed to mention feminism in all 3 english papers, even the one about fish :)

Anyway, I made it! Even when I really thought I wouldn't. So now 12 weeks of freeeeeeeeeeedom.

And I can no longer feel guilty for watching trashy tv and spending all day on facebook.

And the best thing... people will stop saying "you'll be fine". Officially, THE worst phrase ever to be uttered from anyone's lips let alone from every single person who you happen to mention the word exam around.

The End.

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