Thursday, June 12, 2008


11:50pm. Lying in a shed. Listening to music. Facebooking. Chatting.
Oh and did I mention, Jade the sadist is waxing my legs with 99p wax strips after I made the dreaded mistake of pulling up my trouser leg. Jade's commentating on how hairy my legs are and has labelled me a lady-boy. I'm debating whether the real problem is my apparent overwhelming hairiness or Jade's overwhelming lack of it.

Jade: "have you actually shaved in the past year?"
Me: "er yea... like two weeks ago"
Jade: "ok you are officially too hairy to be my friend"

Jade's got a literal phobia of hair, and I can promise you, going near my legs is like a claustrophobic getting buried alive.

We're also having a debate about what's worse- having one abnormally long hair (see one of my past posts) or pulling out one abnormally long hair. Personally the thought of plucking it out makes me want to vomit but Jade thinks it worse to just leave it.

And I made the whole blog without mentioning bikini lines. Oops I just did.

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