Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I think, I am about to die laughing. I just found a box in the loft and written on it was "Fiona Personal" so obviously I had to have a look... I found a letter from Claire from about 4 years ago when we had our own secret language. It reads:

heebee! heeyee? Ieemee gee gee. Iee dee dee mee veeleepeeteesee. veeanee ceedlee. Soe Soe see snugee. HEEVEEGEEWEE!! Fleevee. Seesee leelee bree bree cheisee aee weepee! geegeepneeteegeemee! Beehee!


I can only presume that once upon a time this was an intelligible half of a conversation. I wish I knew what it said. Anyway, laughter aside there was some really sentimental stuff in that box... it's funny how you can completely forget stuff.

So byee foree nowee!

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