Saturday, July 05, 2008

How NOT to wash a car...

So, seeing as I park my car under a tree as it's the only convenient spot on my road, it's acquired a second skin composed of bird crap, berries and some questionable brown stuff. It was getting worse than usual, not being one to care about the odd bit of grime, you can imagine how disgusting my car looked. Now, it's a sunny day and I'm not exactly rushed off my feet with exciting activities so I thought I'd be responsible and attempt to wash off some of the yuck... attempt being the operative word. A bucket of water mixed with fairy liquid (what are you supposed to use?) later, I started scrubbing the bird poo which unfortunately was pretty encrusted on the bonnet due to the amount of time it's been there. A lesson to everyone: trying to wash bird poo off a car in a mini skirt with fairy liquid just doesn't work. I couldn't figure out how to get all the foamy bits off and my feet got all wet and it just wasn't fun. So my car is now very soapy, half washed with remnants of bird poo from one end to the other. So I did the only logical thing; went and parked it back under the tree.

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