Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Camping, confusion and other random crap

There is a small amount of sanity left in my life at the moment. I think.

Monday I got chased by a police car (ok, ok followed more than chased), and on tuesday whilst still actually asleep (ok, ok not actually) I went to toddler club and discovered that toddlers are actually taking over the world (ok, ok not the world but definitely Maidenhead). I then ended up playing catch whilst sitting cross legged with one arm behind my back in a place I didn't even know existed. Anyway all of this was topped off with my toilet trip that was interrupted by a random man standing on my roof and looking in. (Ok, ok he wasn't random he was the window cleaner but I promise you it is very confusing at 9 in the morning having a pair of legs walk past your bathroom window.)

This, mixed with Brooke's random burglary anecdotes, a bit of alcohol here and there and the general stress of life, has all contributed to my current, rather confused state.

Anyway, more pressing matters remain. The day after tomorrow I'm going camping for 2 weeks. Based on my extensive camping experience I can only assume that over the next 2 weeks I shall:

- Suffer extreme internet withdrawal symptoms
- Get woken up at ridiculous hours by screaming children
- Have more spots than face
- Kneel on something breakable due to the smallness (and messiness) of the tent
- Run out of clean/dry clothes
- End up with everything inside my tent wet
- Use more dry shampoo then real shampoo
- Be a general minging unhygenic mess
- Have to cope without phone and ipod
- Realise I've forgotten something essential and cry for a long time
- Watch my tent blow away

So, when I haven't updated my blog for an entire fortnight, when the most awful pictures of me are left tagged and when status isn't telling the world the latest pointless bit of information about my day then be assure, I am not dead, it is far more likely that I am indulging in the luxuries listed above.

And probably my next post on here (unless I blog tomoro) will be telling everyone whether I am going to uni, travelling the world or living in my sister's basement next year.

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