Friday, August 29, 2008

In a bloggy mood...

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Tomorrow I am going to Greece!! I can't wait... sun, sea, sand, clubbing, shopping, friends etc etc gonna be so much fun. I'm attempting to pack. I did a sweep of my floordrobe and shoved a load of clothes into a case. Then I realised none of my daytime tops matched my daytime skirts and shorts and none of my nighttime tops matched my nighttime skirts. So I had to completel y repack about 6 times and I'm still not packed. But knowing me I'll end up wearing the same skirt 24/7 anyway.

Anyway now I've actually started blogging I'm not even in the blogging mood anymore. Typical.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Worry and Other Things

Just a forewarning that if you think I'm sulky and moany then don't read this post cos it'll only confirm your views and make you roll your eyes...

It's not too promising, sitting in my bedroom surrounded by absolute chaos; half packed suitcases (3 at the moment), half drank cups of coffee (9 at the moment), half read books (6 at the moment) and just general rubbish which hasn't made its way to the bin. And somehow over the next 4 weeks it has to come into some sort of order. However, my restriction is not time, rathermore my credentials as a lazy arse. And the motivation of university isn't quite enough to get me to move, as I am more frozen with fear then fuelled with excitement.

Next week is the final arrival of the "piss and shag holiday". Despite recent news reports advising to run as far as possible from the place we are going, my quest for sun would extend to the dangers of the sun itself and therefore I'm going to ignore the *cough* small dangers of the place we are going.

I think I should probably be worried that the only remotely sunny item of clothing I own is age 6-7, from the days before just looking outside made me cold. But life (and financial supply) is too short to do much, so I will make do with my one bikini (which I have owned for a year and a half and worn once) and spend the rest of the time in bed.

I'm also worried about my Euro supply; note to self: 50 year old mothers do not understand that a night out costs. I am also worried about my lack of bikini body. Or more the fact that I am just too lazy to de-fuzz, moisturize and fake bake. And as for the wobbliness, it'll only get worse through the week with alcohol and crisp consumption so I may as well embrace it. And I say that with less sincerity then I think I've ever said anything.

So just this week to get through, trying to make some halves into wholes and trying to make myself semi presentable for wearing exposing clothes.

Then 2 weeks after Greece to spend worring about more things. I was a bit scared I was going to explode with worry so last Wednesday I wrote a list of things worrying me just about starting uni (not even mentioning stuff at the moment or stuff abou Greece or stuff before or after uni). 44 things. Although I just keep trying to point out to myself that at least I'm going to the uni I want to go to with 44 worries, not some craphole I've been dumped in through clearing. And as long as I don't think about those 44 things then I don't feel too much like I'm going to shrivel up and die. But that's why those 2 weeks are so dangerous, too much time to think about them. See, I really do worry so much that I worry about the amount I worry.

Anyway I'm still in my PJs and it's 6 oclock so I'm thinking I should make myself look like I've washed even though I'm actually a smelly beggar. So I'm gonna go and sulk and be negative while I dry shampoo my hair and listen to songs about rain and bridges and wonder how I'm gonna cope when I'm in this sort of mood and am in Sheffield, 3 hours away up from anyone who gives a damn.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

quite possibly the biggest anti climax ever to occur

Thursday 14th August. The most awaited day of my life so far. Because of course my whole future rests on it and I'll quite literally DIE if I don't get the grades I want...


I got AAC the highlights of which are 4 marks off a B for German, full marks in one psychology exam and a resounding D in another. But it's all good, UCAS this morning read: Congratulations! Your place at Sheffield to do Psychology has been confirmed.

It'd be great if I was awake enough to even register the significance of this but thanks to last night's celebrations I'm still in a state of sleep.

I had a lovely stress over the fact my parents wouldn't let me go out with my friends for lunch to celebrate but it all made sense when Rachel turned up on the doorstep for a surprise visit... So now I have both my girlie sibs over and they are probably both extremely thankful they are not being used to console.

We also got our yearbooks this morning. 2 small problems. 1. On my entry it has my old blog address which is now a porn site. Hence my entry that people can read for years to come fundamentally reads: "If you want to stay in touch you can contact me through"
2. I put my current email address without realising it's actually my school email and will be inactive within the next 6 months.
So I'm now officially contactable only through an inactive email account and a porn site... oh well...

Anyway I now have a million things to think about like accommodation, packing stuff, finance stuff and all other things which come under the umbrella of mysterious university stuff which I really don't care about after a night of about an hours sleep but I figure aren't going to matter for at least a few weeks yet and besides last minute is the best way to go.

Anyway, I'm off to Soul Survivor on Saturday for yet more camping :S then Liverpool for Claire's housewarming then hopefully Cambridge to see my GORGEOUS boy and then Greece because I hear God invented something called a sun which is warm and gives off heat and is nice and I hear there's some of it in Greece so I'm def there.

The end, I am going to stumble into bed to die for a few hours...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

New Wine Happy List

So the happy list... with a few not-happy-at-the-time-but-you've-gotta-love-cos-it's-all-part-of-the-camping-fun stuff...

* Wearing wellies everywhere
* Drinking hot chocolate in the Tearfund cafe
* Snuggling up in the corner
* Making out on the special step by the stream and getting moved on by stewards (coughtwicecough)
* Late night chats
* Hearing lots of "oh my gosh" "oh my word" and "oh my life"
* Seeing people just standing in the middle of the street praying
* Singing the same 5 songs over, and over and over... and over
* Changing the words to songs (my bum aches...)
* Browsing the marketplace (every day, until you realise it doesn't actually get interesting no matter how many times you go)
* Driving round Bath 5 times just trying to get out of it
* Stalling in the car park on a nearly verticle slope and rolling backwards and nearly dying
* Dressing up as pirates and being chased by 600 13 year olds
* Avoiding the gungematic3000 by singing very badly in kareoke
* Going to the catering tent and realising it's rice and salad... for the 6th time
* Muddy clothes, muddy shoes, muddy legs, muddy tent, muddy bag etc
* Damp clothes, damp shoes, damp legs, damp tent, damp bag etc
* Random people coming and saying "hi fi" and trying to figure out who they are
* Raving it at Yfriday gig
* Really not raving it in Flava
* Hanging out with random YFOne people
* Blagging free stuff
* Meeting random people who have multiple names and sharing testimonies
* Getting woken up at 6 in the morning by little kids shouting "freddie freddie, race me around the field 20 times"
* Getting cycled/walked/ driven into several times per day
* Being cold all the time
* Being wet all the time
* Running out of clean clothes
* Running madly to the toilet before sessions
* Running madly out to the toilet during sessions
* Running madly to the toilet at the end of sessions
* Getting accosted in Costa by New Wine woman
* Playing spot the New Winer in Bath
* Driving past the largest Tesco in the world without seeing it
* Asking where Pizza Hut is whilst ignorantly standing across the road from it
* Losing car keys in the middle of a large field... somewhere
* Losing track of the year let alone the month, day and time
* Attempting to fit 2 people and 20 cases in one small tent
* Attempting to stay friends whilst fitting 2 people and 20 cases in one small tent
* 2 Tshirts for the whole week
* "Showering" (enough said)
* Befriending random old men
* Going to seminars which look interesting on the tin but are actually really not
* Going to seminars which are actually hilarious
* Singing and dancing at every opportune moment
* Having a tent collapse on your head at regular intervals
* Getting "down with da kids" and learning all the emo lingo
* Playing 'guess what used to be in this cup and you can win it' game... (my makeshift entertainment)
* The camping spots (you know the ones that are only gross enough to appear when camping)
* Toilets which shower you as well in the process of flushing
* Afternoon naps
* "Soaking" (also known as sleeping) in the prayer tent
* Skiving off clean up (:P)
* Doughnuts. Enough said.
* Gum. Also enough said.
* Waving madly at the Massai tribe men
* Glaring confusedly at TBC
* Giving up on any luxury beauty regimes after day 2
* Being general loons for a whole fornight

Ah, there is so much more... i think the new wine happy list is never ending...
anyway... it basically gets a tentative thumbs up but I'm not exactly mourning over the loss of snuggling into a bed which is actually a wet sleeping bag and a lumpy pillow.

Lalala the end.