Sunday, August 10, 2008

New Wine Happy List

So the happy list... with a few not-happy-at-the-time-but-you've-gotta-love-cos-it's-all-part-of-the-camping-fun stuff...

* Wearing wellies everywhere
* Drinking hot chocolate in the Tearfund cafe
* Snuggling up in the corner
* Making out on the special step by the stream and getting moved on by stewards (coughtwicecough)
* Late night chats
* Hearing lots of "oh my gosh" "oh my word" and "oh my life"
* Seeing people just standing in the middle of the street praying
* Singing the same 5 songs over, and over and over... and over
* Changing the words to songs (my bum aches...)
* Browsing the marketplace (every day, until you realise it doesn't actually get interesting no matter how many times you go)
* Driving round Bath 5 times just trying to get out of it
* Stalling in the car park on a nearly verticle slope and rolling backwards and nearly dying
* Dressing up as pirates and being chased by 600 13 year olds
* Avoiding the gungematic3000 by singing very badly in kareoke
* Going to the catering tent and realising it's rice and salad... for the 6th time
* Muddy clothes, muddy shoes, muddy legs, muddy tent, muddy bag etc
* Damp clothes, damp shoes, damp legs, damp tent, damp bag etc
* Random people coming and saying "hi fi" and trying to figure out who they are
* Raving it at Yfriday gig
* Really not raving it in Flava
* Hanging out with random YFOne people
* Blagging free stuff
* Meeting random people who have multiple names and sharing testimonies
* Getting woken up at 6 in the morning by little kids shouting "freddie freddie, race me around the field 20 times"
* Getting cycled/walked/ driven into several times per day
* Being cold all the time
* Being wet all the time
* Running out of clean clothes
* Running madly to the toilet before sessions
* Running madly out to the toilet during sessions
* Running madly to the toilet at the end of sessions
* Getting accosted in Costa by New Wine woman
* Playing spot the New Winer in Bath
* Driving past the largest Tesco in the world without seeing it
* Asking where Pizza Hut is whilst ignorantly standing across the road from it
* Losing car keys in the middle of a large field... somewhere
* Losing track of the year let alone the month, day and time
* Attempting to fit 2 people and 20 cases in one small tent
* Attempting to stay friends whilst fitting 2 people and 20 cases in one small tent
* 2 Tshirts for the whole week
* "Showering" (enough said)
* Befriending random old men
* Going to seminars which look interesting on the tin but are actually really not
* Going to seminars which are actually hilarious
* Singing and dancing at every opportune moment
* Having a tent collapse on your head at regular intervals
* Getting "down with da kids" and learning all the emo lingo
* Playing 'guess what used to be in this cup and you can win it' game... (my makeshift entertainment)
* The camping spots (you know the ones that are only gross enough to appear when camping)
* Toilets which shower you as well in the process of flushing
* Afternoon naps
* "Soaking" (also known as sleeping) in the prayer tent
* Skiving off clean up (:P)
* Doughnuts. Enough said.
* Gum. Also enough said.
* Waving madly at the Massai tribe men
* Glaring confusedly at TBC
* Giving up on any luxury beauty regimes after day 2
* Being general loons for a whole fornight

Ah, there is so much more... i think the new wine happy list is never ending...
anyway... it basically gets a tentative thumbs up but I'm not exactly mourning over the loss of snuggling into a bed which is actually a wet sleeping bag and a lumpy pillow.

Lalala the end.

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