Thursday, August 14, 2008

quite possibly the biggest anti climax ever to occur

Thursday 14th August. The most awaited day of my life so far. Because of course my whole future rests on it and I'll quite literally DIE if I don't get the grades I want...


I got AAC the highlights of which are 4 marks off a B for German, full marks in one psychology exam and a resounding D in another. But it's all good, UCAS this morning read: Congratulations! Your place at Sheffield to do Psychology has been confirmed.

It'd be great if I was awake enough to even register the significance of this but thanks to last night's celebrations I'm still in a state of sleep.

I had a lovely stress over the fact my parents wouldn't let me go out with my friends for lunch to celebrate but it all made sense when Rachel turned up on the doorstep for a surprise visit... So now I have both my girlie sibs over and they are probably both extremely thankful they are not being used to console.

We also got our yearbooks this morning. 2 small problems. 1. On my entry it has my old blog address which is now a porn site. Hence my entry that people can read for years to come fundamentally reads: "If you want to stay in touch you can contact me through"
2. I put my current email address without realising it's actually my school email and will be inactive within the next 6 months.
So I'm now officially contactable only through an inactive email account and a porn site... oh well...

Anyway I now have a million things to think about like accommodation, packing stuff, finance stuff and all other things which come under the umbrella of mysterious university stuff which I really don't care about after a night of about an hours sleep but I figure aren't going to matter for at least a few weeks yet and besides last minute is the best way to go.

Anyway, I'm off to Soul Survivor on Saturday for yet more camping :S then Liverpool for Claire's housewarming then hopefully Cambridge to see my GORGEOUS boy and then Greece because I hear God invented something called a sun which is warm and gives off heat and is nice and I hear there's some of it in Greece so I'm def there.

The end, I am going to stumble into bed to die for a few hours...

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