Sunday, September 14, 2008

But I'm only little!!

This time next week I'm actually going to be IN Sheffield, like actually there! After months of all my panicing and worrying and what ifs and now it's like 7 days away. Apart from my hall room being an absolute dive there is actually nothing I'm not excited about. Anyway, it won't be long before the flakily painted walls and prison style bed are buried in pink decor.

I'm currently trying to tidy my room. It's about as fun as it'll probably be unpacking it all again at the other end. In fact, the only task I can imagine being more horrendous is when I have to pack it all up at Christmas to bring it all back. I'm on about my 3rd pack, each time getting just that little bit more ruthless. Currently I have 1 box of tea and coffee and foody type stuff, 1 box of make up type stuff (about 3 times the size of the former box :S) 2 boxes of books and the like and about 10 boxes of clothes. :S My bedroom is a bombsite and I cba to actually do anymore. I've run out of boxes and I'm frankly too overwhelmed by the material sum of my 18 years.

This week is going to be so sad. I have to say goodbye to everyone and they say it's only til Christmas but I should think when I'm 3 hours away, in a scabby little room, up a hill, in an unfamiliar town, with a million boxes to unpack and no Jade 15 minutes away, it'll seem more like eternity till I see anyone again, not 3 months.

I sort of do want to leave home. It is more freedom but it's not exactly like I'm shackled down anyway so that's not exactly any bonus. I'm going to miss the familiarity of everything, like being able to go out in my car or bike and drive/cycle actually knowing where I am and where I'll end up if I turn left. I'll miss being able to text Jade and have her come over for a random cup of tea and useless chat. And I'll miss St Peters and all the people there. But I definitely won't be missing Newlands, certain people and certain memories that I'll always associate with Maidenhead. And I think my greatest fear (unfortuneatly one which inevitably will be realised) is that I'll come home and everything will have changed and people will be different and nothing will feel the same anymore. I think I can understand why people rarely go back to their home towns after uni.

Anyway, as per usual I am thinking far too much into the whole thing. As much fun as it can be to specualate over what might happen, it is only a week until I find out for myself and so I may as well just hang on and see.

Back to tidying....

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Brooke said...

Gonna make you a list of all the things I wish I'd brought, just so you're a little more prepared than I was!

Right now I have to say, GET A DOOR WEDGE... I'm so glad I did, everyone in my apartment is really friendly and we've all had our doors open all week just to get to know each other and stuff.

Also recommend a tape measure (random I know, you will find some use for it, I did), FAIRY LIGHTS are a must, I love mine! A mirror or two, there were none in my room at all, drawing pins for noticeboards, a network cable (although not sure if your uni is wireless?) and lots of throws 'cause there will be MANY grotty chairs dotted around your accommodation!