Friday, September 12, 2008

I'm feeling all inspired...

I have to admit, I am fairly easily inspired. Pretty much every book I read sends me off wanting to write my own, every song I listen to makes me want to go and learn piano properly and every programme on TV makes me want to become an actress. But these sparks of inspiration don't go well with impatience and laziness and, unfortunately due to a high quantity of these in my personality composition, I just find myself with piles of half written "novels" and lyrics without music (so, er, poems) with the intention of one day actually making them into masterpieces. There is honestly no danger that I may be the next Enid Blyton, Madonna or Keira Knightley. In fact, it's a miracle my blog hasn't run dry and shrivelled up yet, it's almost lasted longer than my Bebo account. However, it's ok that I turn every brainchild into a fleeting fad because I've been thinking about 3 people who have enough go- getting to make up for my lack of contribution to the arts of this world. So seeing as I can't be bothered to go and keep trying to become the world's dancemat champion, I'll just sit here and tell you about them. Even though 2 of them are probably the only 2 people who actually read my blog anyway.


Sorry Brooke, but you should've seen that coming. I see Brooke as being very similar to the person I'd be if I actually did all the things I wanted to do. Apart from the fact she's read all the books I've been meaning to read, knows how to produce music on the computer (a skill I lost after the single materpiece my brother I produced for my GCSE music coursework) and can play the guitar to open mic standard, she whacked out The Balcony Club which is what actually started this whole blog whirring in my mind. If anyone I know now grows up to be famous, it will be Brooke. And I should probably take this moment to publicly apologise to Brooke for slowly stealing her identity as it is really from her influence I developed my love for indie music, decided to start blogging and through her shining example decided to be teetotal.
Anyway, see for yourself:

Ok, the next person I feel slightly less odd gushing about, cos I know they won't be too modest to accept my compliments :P To back up this claim, I was moaning to her about how I was worried I wouldn't make friends at uni. Her reply: "Well, you probably will make friends cos your quite like me and I have loads of friends". *cueeyeroll*


Claire succeeded in this whole acting thing whereas I never even begun trying, despite being a slight drama queen. I was looking through old family photos and I come to an album called "Claire" (funnily enough). Inside, it's "Claire as a babe in babes in the wood", "Claire as Cinderella in year 6 panto", "Claire as lead role in Redroofs ballet play" etc etc. The closest you get of me in my (half of an) album is me as a 5 year old, wearing a leotard and looking gormless while the rest of the ballet class have pointed toes and extended arms. Anyway, back to Claire... on top of her theatrical side, she's also grade 8 in bassoon (which she went to grade 8 in within a year) and violin and some ridiculous high grade on the piano too. Not to mention she got 12 A*s for her GCSEs and 4 As at Alevel. Oh and not forgetting a first in her pharmacolgy degree. Which she did while intercalating during her medicine degree, meaning she'll be a doctor before I've even read the end of my current book. Added onto that, she has her own house, a side job as a nurse and she can even cook (albeit with a little help from Mr Foreman). She's been to as many countries as I have shopping centres, writes to me pretty much every week (and phones every minute) and is even a member of her church. Oh, where she plays her violin in the band. Anyway, it was her recent ambitions which, added onto Brooke's unveiling of The Balcony Club, made me write this blog. Because, this week she phones me: "Hi Fifi, guess what, I've started a counselling course so I can be trained in counselling. And next Wednesday I'm starting a street jazz class cos I'm doing so well on Weightwatchers, I want to keep it up."

And people wonder why I copy everything she ever does. Hasn't made me a brainiac, musical genius, friend machine yet though...

And lastly, I always take this person for granted then I realised the other day what a superwoman she is.

My mum

Why my mum is an inspiration:
  • she managed to raise 4 children, meaning she had a 0,2,4 and 6 year old all running amok at the same time and a quarter actually turned out normal (joke before my siblings disown me)
  • she quit her job to raise us but worked in oxfam as a volunteer, went back to work as a nursery assistant part time and now, 10ish years later is a deputy headteacher
  • she went to uni aged 17 and was a full time teacher by the time she was 20
  • she has more degrees then I do Alevels and can speak French (used to be fluent) as well as being a mathematician and scientist
  • she has a chapter published in a book ( just to really embarrass her and I will also take this moment to point out how shocked I was when I took this book off her bookshelf to read and found my own mother had written part of it. on asking her about it she goes "oh yea, that" ever so casually)
  • she used to sell dolls in a shop
  • she can knit without looking, sew to shop standard and she paints pictures (which inhabit an entire room in our house, but she doesnt like anyone to see them)
  • she can cook, but not only does she cook but she grows the ingredients in her allotment...
  • where she also keeps bees which she uses to make honey
  • she's also amazing at budgeting, tidying and cleaning and she's read the whole bible from beginning to end more times than I've opened mine (not literally but she knows every bit of bible trivia there is, I tested her with my bible trivia quiz book)
  • lots of other things i find inspiring about her but wouldnt air publicly as she's a private person and i respect that

She always reminds me of the wife in Proverbs 31:10-31.

Anyway, I shall again go, utilize my laziness and wallow a little bit more in my own inadequacy while my family and friends continue to succeed at life.*

The End.

*P.S. I don't mean that seriously before I get showered with pep talks. Maybe this time I'll actually be inspired enough to go and achieve something.

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