Wednesday, September 10, 2008

So the world still exists then...

Like the rest of the world, or anyone with a half educated, news reading particle within their brain matter, I'm worryingly intrigued by the LHC experiment. I'll admit I actually waited with anticipation for today to see if the world did end, I thought it might actually be quite fun to be blasted into oblivion. I think everyone is fairly convinced though that we are still inhabiting our good old earth, we haven't been teleported to a parallel universe. Shame.

I am still frantically trying to get prepared for university but I'm being horrendously hindered by my laziness and internet addiction. Everytime I try and start tidying, I just get distracted.

Other non interesting news...
I'm itching like crazy cos of the stupid mozzie bites which is actually driving me crazy. I literally have over 30 bites.
I'm also frustrated cos there's a dance on the dance mat I just can't nail! I got from an E to a C but I'm still missing at least 11 arrows everytime. I've tried it half speed, with the beats clapped out for me and even without the music but my feet just won't go in the right places.
My "tan" is also peeling but (shh) it's ok cos I'm topping it up with gradual fake tan anyway.
My hip is in pain as I managed to walk into someone's wing mirror today. It was fairly comical as it was a proper posh car and I just barged right into it.
Also funny was me and Jade trying to buy a turnip. Does anyone even know what they look like? Try and imagine one. Go on, I dare you.
I am quite worryingly disturbed by my level of excitement over the new series of casualty. I'm gonna explode just waiting for it.
Anyway I'm off to watch The Sex Education Show cos it looks like a good old comic channel 4 doc...

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