Friday, October 24, 2008


So, I thought taking a philosophy module would be a great way to earn enough credits to make it through this year and get stuck into the serious psychology next year which I actually came to university to do.
Turns out, philosophy isn't easy. Really not easy. And I haven't even begun planning the essay yet.

The big question at the moment is: Do we have an immaterial mind (soul) or are we wholly physical? Another thing I've noticed about philosophy: it's a lot harder when you have strong convictions which hold you to a certain side of the debate. You'd probably be less condemned to jump off a 3000 metre high building than to express a bias in the debate. But if Descartes or Kant had held that, ahem... philosophy, then there'd be no debate in the first place so I guess it's our duty to keep philosophy alive with our assertions of our beliefs.
So back to Dualism.

The view I don't hold: There's no point to life. When you're dead you're dead. Hopes, dreams, fears, love, sorrow, happiness etc are all a result of neural activity. Our mind is the sum of the parts of our brains, anything that cannot be accounted for physically must as yet be undiscovered. We are undifferentiated from animals, each other, or even computers.

The view I hold: We have a soul which, whatever it is, is what is more than the sum of our parts. I can't believe a Numskulls version of life in which our brain contains all the components needed to function as a person. Humans differ from animals in that, along the line of evolution (ie the origin of humans as opposed to any animals before that) God "upgraded" humans to be what we'd call humans today (probably not a view agreed on by all Christians) and he began creating spiritual beings (of which adam and eve were the 1st) with a soul that allowed them to connect to God in a way animals don't. I believe a Dualist view is heavily reliant on the acceptance of God existing and I suppose it is possible to accept Dualism without accepting a God but my personal view is that it'd be hard to accept God without agreeing on the existence of souls.

I've heard compelling arguments for both sides during the course already. I feel Dualists have a harder time of it than Materialists, thanks to the view that you belong to either the Science Society or the God Squad. I mean, gosh, as if there could be any crossover! Using my tutorial class as a basis, the split is about 75:25 materialists:dualists. The disdain Materialists hold towards the notion that there could be more than what is explained by science is actually quite comical. The word maggot springs to mind...

So, although this post has no point apart from to rant, I'll throw in a final thought which I suppose is the point of this post.
I believe in a soul and I'm never going to be convinced otherwise. If God says it, I believe it. If Jesus, CS Lewis* and my mum can believe it, then I can believe it too and no amount of scoffing from any lecturer or tutor will override that.

Besides, seeing as it's engraved into my skin, I don't suppose there's any going back even if science does command it so.

*Edit: CS Lewis said it best: "You don't have a soul. You are a Soul. You have a body."

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Loved by You (natasha bedingfield)

Loved By You- Natasha Bedingfield
Do I Look Different Wouldn't Be Surprised If I Did
Cause It Isn't That Often That Someone Affects Me Quite Like This
And There's Only One To Blame, That I've Been All Rearranged
Showing All My Face That's Because


Somebody Loves Me More Than I Thought Was Possible
Somebody's Changed Me And It's You That's Responsible
You Gave Me Your Heart, Don't Need Anymore Evidence That I'm Loved
Somebody Gets Me And It's Not Just Coincedence
Somebody's For Me, And It Makes All The Difference
You Gave Me Your Heart Don't Need Anymore Evidence
That I'm Loved By You

There's A Change For A Better A Change For Good
I'm Changed For The Better I Am Changed For Good
The World's Looking Sunny
Cause That's What You Do To Me


I'm Loved By You

(starts at 3mins40)

Jeremiah 31:3~ The LORD appeared to us in the past, saying: "I have loved you with an everlasting love"

Friday, October 17, 2008

The waddle and the wade.

some important advice for when (cough) you come to sheffield to visit me.

the first thing you need to know is The Wade. this is the move you'll have to adopt when walking uphill in uni. it's hard to describe on here, but it involves long strides and leaning forward as far as possible. sometimes it helps to use your arms in a sort of "air pull".

then there's The Waddle. this is the move you'll have to adopt when walking downhill at uni. you have to get a perfect balance of body weight not to far forward or you might have a jack a la jack and jill moment and not to far back or you're legs will run away from underneath you. short little steps are needed and it helps to clench your bum a bit too.

so, when you see me back in the distinctly flat maidenhead, don't be too alarmed if my walk resembles either the BFG or pingu. be assured it's just the waddle and the wade.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Calamity Fi.

They say you go to uni it "find yourself" and I have to admit all I've found so far is stuff I could have already told you (like the fact I'm lazy, mentally unstable and not actually talented at anything) and although uni has confirmed all these things to me, there was one thing which I never even realised before. Maybe it's because I lived in the same house for 18 years I'd learnt where everything was spatially, but in the unknowns of my new room and hall, I have discovered something:

I am tragically clumsy.

To name a few incidents; i walked into my wardrobe door and nearly took myself out, i dropped my beloved camera into my drink, i dropped my mug (which i'd owned for all of 5 minutes) in the sink, smashed the handle and then proceeded to step on the shattered china before cutting my finger on the handle trying to wash it up, i pulled on a wire connecting all my electrics and brought my full kettle crashing down on everything in my room resulting in soggy tissues, wet worksheets and worryingly wet electrics, i missed the washing up bowl when squirting the fairy liquid and now have slippery bed sheets and i got my arm trapped in the travelling conveyer which takes away our dirty trays.

Maybe i should stop sitting on my window sill.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Things I miss from "home"

Being able to sing along to my music at top volume.
Driving in the dark with my music blasting out.
Watching TV on an actual TV.
Knowing my way around and not getting lost.
Having silence while I'm trying to get to sleep.
Silence in general.
Living 5 minutes away from everyone important to me.
Going out for coffee and a catch up with said people.
Living 5 minutes away from St Peters.
Playing the piano.
Not having to worry about how much money I'm spending.
The 12.
Having milk in my tea.
Sunday afternoons: watching casualty with the ma, having butternut squash for sunday lunch and reading Stella.
Being able to spend the day in my PJS without 25 other people seeing me.
Being able to walk to the bathroom without 25 other people seeing me.
Hot chocolate at Jade's.
Open mic.
Supermarket sweep with Jess.
Full length mirrors.
Daytime TV.
Being around people who understand me, support me and don't judge me.

99% of the time, the good stuff about Sheffield cancels out the loss of the above.
1% of the time, it really doesn't.

Friday, October 03, 2008


Uni. Quite possibly the only place you can use a printer as a table, a coffee mug as a wine glass and a sock as a purse. Enough said.

How to know if you are in Tapton Halls of Residence

Now, the world has not yet been introduced to Tapton halls of residence. Pictures will appear as soon as I'm arsed to take any, but it is only 2nd week and I get the delights of Tapton for the next year. Rule number one of Tapton- don't diss it or you'll be dissed. I'm glad to have learnt this vicariously but obviously being the positive person that I am, there was no chance of it happening any other way. *cough*...

Now let me introduce you to some of the sights and smells of Taptonville.
First, as you enter the door you are welcomed by the amazing 60s decor. Honestly, it's like a time warp. On many a night out have I walked back in very confused by this, and only been reassured by the arrival of 21st century dressed individuals. To get to my room, you have to go down Fish Alley. For a while it was questioned whether there really was a resident fish. Turns out, it's just the same corridor as the laundry room and the fishy smell is actually 400 students' washing. As you come down the stairs to our floor, you will be greeted by Pantry Pong. This is the odour of the pantry (funnily enough). Often likened to damp, mould and smells along that vein although should you be walking past in the middle of a thurday night, you might discover the smell of crumpets. And thanks to the caramel that has been encrusted on the hob since 1982, if anyone has dared close the door behind them and actually use the pantry, then there's a strange burning smell as the 20 year old odour is released once again. Now, each corridor has its own distinct smell. I discovered this when I tried finding my room while on the phone. I walked up the stairs instead of down and walked into 3D! The smell instantly made me realise my mistake as instead of our dainty girly smell that reminds me of mouldy chocolate fondue, there was some stange smell that had boy written all over it. Luckily, none of the creatures were actually present at their scent in order to see the lone 1D wanderer that I was.

If you still don't know you're in Tapton despite the fish smell, the 60s decor and the burnt food waft then just sit and listen for 5 minutes. When you hear; someone playing their trumpet at top volume, someone yelling down the phone at top volume or someone's dodgy music (by dodgy, we're talking rnb/ metal) at top volume, someone mumbling drunkely in the middle of the night at top volume or someone being shouted at by the porter at top volume, then you will know for 100% sure that you are in Tapton.

Oh, and if you trekked up a nearly vertical hill to get there then you just can't be anywhere else.*

*except for the time I walked up an exceptionally steep hill thinking I was on my way back to Taptonville. Turns out, I was hiking up the infamous Conduit Hill, as listed in as one of Sheffield main attractions. And for the record, Conduit Hill most definitely does not lead back to Tapton, without taking you on a tour of Sheffield first.