Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Calamity Fi.

They say you go to uni it "find yourself" and I have to admit all I've found so far is stuff I could have already told you (like the fact I'm lazy, mentally unstable and not actually talented at anything) and although uni has confirmed all these things to me, there was one thing which I never even realised before. Maybe it's because I lived in the same house for 18 years I'd learnt where everything was spatially, but in the unknowns of my new room and hall, I have discovered something:

I am tragically clumsy.

To name a few incidents; i walked into my wardrobe door and nearly took myself out, i dropped my beloved camera into my drink, i dropped my mug (which i'd owned for all of 5 minutes) in the sink, smashed the handle and then proceeded to step on the shattered china before cutting my finger on the handle trying to wash it up, i pulled on a wire connecting all my electrics and brought my full kettle crashing down on everything in my room resulting in soggy tissues, wet worksheets and worryingly wet electrics, i missed the washing up bowl when squirting the fairy liquid and now have slippery bed sheets and i got my arm trapped in the travelling conveyer which takes away our dirty trays.

Maybe i should stop sitting on my window sill.

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