Sunday, October 05, 2008

Things I miss from "home"

Being able to sing along to my music at top volume.
Driving in the dark with my music blasting out.
Watching TV on an actual TV.
Knowing my way around and not getting lost.
Having silence while I'm trying to get to sleep.
Silence in general.
Living 5 minutes away from everyone important to me.
Going out for coffee and a catch up with said people.
Living 5 minutes away from St Peters.
Playing the piano.
Not having to worry about how much money I'm spending.
The 12.
Having milk in my tea.
Sunday afternoons: watching casualty with the ma, having butternut squash for sunday lunch and reading Stella.
Being able to spend the day in my PJS without 25 other people seeing me.
Being able to walk to the bathroom without 25 other people seeing me.
Hot chocolate at Jade's.
Open mic.
Supermarket sweep with Jess.
Full length mirrors.
Daytime TV.
Being around people who understand me, support me and don't judge me.

99% of the time, the good stuff about Sheffield cancels out the loss of the above.
1% of the time, it really doesn't.

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