Thursday, December 04, 2008

2009 (I hate the number 9- not a good start)

Don't get confused by the title- it's not actually 2009 yet but Brooke and subsequently Bekah posted their new years resolutions recently.
Here and here.
Which got me thinking (bet you saw that one coming).
It's tempting to go for the resolutions like 'procrastinate less' and 'be more organised', and it's especially tempting considering I still haven't finished my essay that's due in for tomorrow. But we're talking achieveable goals, not personality transformations.
It's also tempting to go for resolutions like 'write in my journal everyday' and 'get along with my siblings' but then I'm not really setting myself any challenges at all. Like when people give up a food for lent which they never eat anyway.
So, I've got to find some things which are achievable and likely.
Last year, my aims for the year were to learn guitar and get AAB.
Spectacularly failed them both.
So far I've got:
Learn guitar (more than the 5 chords I learnt then forgot this year)
Read the entire bible. I had a bible in a year book which I started last January. I got to about the 4th chapter of Genesis.
Other than that I'm open to suggestions- so...? Probably should be something about lecture attendence, money saving and contact keeping... but I'm just staying true to the title of student.

Oh and following from my last post....
I half tidied my room then got bored. I did find £10 in the process though which means I might just make it through til the end of term without going into the minuses. I'd better spend this £10 wisely!! I was particularly resentful to when I added up all I've spent on train tickets this term. That'd be well over £150. Maybe I should spend more time in Sheffield.
There really is a bad smell wafting around my nose as I write this. I'm hoping it's either the mouldy mug I'm sat next to or a rat corpse under my bed (rather dead than alive, although preferably neither)- I'm still paranoid there are rats in my room and ever since I saw that episode of CSI where the rat climbed out of this corpse's mouth I'm going to be sleeping with the light on. I also have 3 bites on my stomach so I've definitely had an unwelcome guest of some description- there's no teeth marks though so I'm sure I'm safe with the rat thing.

And I also washed my hair despite the fact it was soooooo knotty that it took me a good 15 mins to brush through it, I had literal dreadlocks forming. Just to point out this wasn't cos I haven't been washing it, it was just cos I never brush it when I wash it so it dries with knots in. Seriously tempted to chop it all off though!

Anyway I'd like to point out how immensely excited I am about Christmas hols. I can't wait to go home and see everyone again, and to drive again, and to be able to go to the loo in the middle of the night without getting spooked by having to walk down a long corridor, and being able to put anything I want in the shopping trolley without having to do cost analysis (butternut squash and grapes- oh yea!), and to go to church again, and being able to do my workout dvds, and not have any essays to write, and to be able to bake again and just so many other things!!

But I'll probably miss uni while at home- who couldn't miss the lack of sleep, the awful food, the neverending essay writing, the restriction of your entire life to one room and the frequent intrusion into this lifehole by people who actually want to elicit more than a grunt out of you.
So... new year's resolution to be more positive anyone?

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