Friday, December 19, 2008


My last blog shared some of the filth I've encountered today whilst tidying. It' 2:30am and I'm back at it on account of the looming mother's visit. Sadly, my planned evening of tidying got interrupted by 3 hours of jumping on Nat's bed singing Wham and McFly, a guilty pleasure of ours that we've decided we partake in far too often. All the same, we'd still be at it now if Lewis hadn't come upstairs and told us that 5 girls stomping around on his roof wasn't supportive of his beauty sleep. Anyway, as my sleeping pattern is so crazily messed up that I'm not scheduled another sleep til 2010 I thought I'd be an incredibly cool person and take photos of my room, so that I feel a little less alone with its mess.

This is my room after 12 hours of tidying. In those 12 hours I've had 5 people come and see how messy it is, 2 people walk past and yell at me to get off facebook and get back to it, and many other passers by recoiling in horror at its sight.

This is my wall of accumulated stuff since being at uni:

And behold! Not for the faint hearted...Here is the thing I found at the bottom of my bin. I'm surprised I'm not dead from its spores yet.

These are bad times my friends... bad bad times.

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