Thursday, December 04, 2008


So it's 1:45pm on Thursday afternoon.

I'm lying in bed having gone to bed at 3am after attempting to finish my sociology essay. Gave up despite needing 300 more words and a deadline of tomorrow.

My hair is so greasy that I'm contemplating wearing a hat to go between my bedroom to the shower.

Apparently there was snow but I slept right through it.

My bedroom is so messy (see last post) that I slept with the light on last night because when I turned it off, I started to have auditory hallucinations of rats.

I now have the task of getting out of bed, showering and tidying my room before 4:30.

Then, I have the task of finishing my essay only to start the next one which I have a week and a half to do. And I'm sooooooo tired, I want to sleep for another 6 hours.

Anyway, other news. This is my brother DJing for 1000 people in a club in the Czech Republic.

And this is Claire and Rach after Rach got her belly button pierced. Which means all 3 of us Sweensters (Sweeney sisters) have tattoos and belly piercings. Which is funny when you think about how dad woiuldnt let us get our ears pierced til we were 16. (Though naturally being the youngest I got mine done when was 15 and already had 6 more holes by 16 :P)

She got it done with us on Monday, me claire and Rach went to Manchester and had a day of shopping :)
Anyway, back to the essay :( There's only so much about lesbianism and Freud that I can cope with!
Oh and I've officially signed for our house next year- 8 girls in one house. No further comment.
Ok I'm really going to go now and stop procrastinating...

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your perfect sis! said...

Just gotta get chey to get her nose pierced now lol!