Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Oh dear.

I've had the best few days, yesterday was so much fun. After cell group we went to Bole Hill park at 11pm and just messed around in the playpark. It was so amazing to be on the swings, looking up you could see all the stars and looking down was the most amazing view of all the city lights in the dark. It's so much fun just to be a big kid sometimes!

Anyway the oh dear in the title is definitely referring to the height my clumsiness has reached. It is distinctly unfunny. Yesterday I knocked over a bottle of juice, getting everything soaked. Then, as I ate my soup on my bed more of it went on my sheets than in my mouth. The worst part is yet to come. The canteen seems to bring out my clumsy side, you know, the whole getting the arm stuck in the tray conveyor belt scenario which I blogged about last time I listed all my clums-ridden feats. So I sat down, picked up my diet coke and the cup sort of crumbled in my hand. The next thing I know, my coffee has coke in it and my potato is swimming in a puddle of coke on my plate. But that's not the worst part- the worst part is somehow, the coke managed to go down my back, i think I threw someover my shoulder and it just dribbled down my back all the way to my bum. When I stood up, it looked like I'd wet myself cos I had a trail of wet in a place which really shouldnt be wet in a canteen. Only I could shower myself in Coke so badly that I have to actually change my underwear.

While we're on the topic of disasters + personal stories, I was going to wear a dress to ROAR tonight. I wore this dress in February last, no problem. Anyway, I inched it over my bum and went through to get Nat to do the zip up, the zip went up as far as my two womanly assets which appear to have sprouted out of nowhere since February. There was absolutely no way this dress was going anywhere thanks to my stupid nungas. Anyway, I didnt give up there- i thought maybe it might go over my head. Cue me running around my room with a dress stuck halfway over my head, arms and the like flailing all over the place. Anyway moral of the story is- don't try and wear a size 6 Topshop dress when you have 34C knockers.

Other personal news which I may as well divulge seeing as I don't seem to be holding back much- I've got some strange spots, 3 on my stomach one on my leg one on my back and one on my leg. I'm concerned I may have caught ringworm (which involves no real life living worms as i discovered) as it seems to be present in our corridor at the moment. Either that or I've got an extremely unwelcome guest in my bedroom.
I also dyed my hair so its kinda streaky blonde.

Ermmm... (essay procrastination btw)... i tidied my room so it no longer resembles what it did before (see a few posts back) my floordrobe is now a chairdrobe. but i can now turn the light off to sleep without worrying I'll get eaten alive by giant rats.

Tonight Nat's giving me a make over in which I think she underestimates how hard it is to make me look good. But still, any offers which might make me look semi presentable are welcome. It isnt helped by the reemergence of my acne (seriously do you ever grow out of it!) despite my self prescribing of Dr. Stuart's skin purify tea (some past blog somewhere about that stuff on here). It also isn't helped by my faces decision to be puffy. I think it might be down to lack of sleep, either that or I have some disease like the Bubonic plague (might explain those spots). Anyway the consequence is I've ran out of foundation in an attempt to look less awful.

Well I could witter on forever but I'm supposed to be writing something coherent about the meaning of life and all that which is due in for next week :S

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