Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Some things never change :S

So a while back, I blogged about the chaos my bedroom tends to get itself into:

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Having got to uni, and shared a corridor with 24 other girls, you'd have thought I might have learnt that most people actually have tidy rooms and it's not actually that normal to live in absolute squalor.

Someone needs to tell my room that. It just insists on making itself messy, everytime I walk through the door it seems to have accumulated more and more mess.

So here I am again, 9 months later, having learnt nothing about being tidy and I'm living in the same old mess.

I take this picture as conclusive proof that duvets do grow legs and run away- check out that thing slinking away.

I just feel sorry for the people living with me next year. No, really.

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Your amazing sis said...

aww baby its taken me 5 years and many many housemates to be able to be just about tidy! And only then cos i keep tidying for when Tim comes over so he doesnt realise how messy i am!
haha but im kinda enjoying it now! a calm room creates a calm atmosphere.. not sure thats what your room is doing (!)
Right.. im off to move my entire wardrobe from on my chair to, my wardrobe. Still not quite figured out the whole hanging-clothes-up-after-wearing yet :s
bit by bit!