Friday, January 16, 2009

just some ramble about the 'atheist buses'

I'm really inspired by this man's integrity and thought I'd post it as a lesson for all but predominantly as a reminder to myself.

I have nothing against atheists posting their opinions on buses, but it annoys me how the wording they choose is so deliberately provacative (which I think is fair to say considering Richard Dawkins is the bank account behind their existence). There are better ways to state your belief in nothing than creating a clever sounding slogan which actually promotes ignorance and then placing it among impressionable members of the public.
So we've had the "is there more to life than this?" posters followed by the "there's probably no God, stop worrying" posters... what's next? "you're both wrong, it was the cookie monster all along" posters?
At least (I hope) the church has the sense not to provide a comeback as an ensuing argument would be ridiculously tedious and I'm still wondering where the need for the atheist slogans came from, the Alpha ones at least had the point of inviting people to find out more (in a non offensive way I might add) whereas the "there's probably no God" posters don't seem to be a particularly enriching contribution to the already complex confusion surrounding the issue.
There's nothing like taking a stroll down the street, pondering the meaning of life, only to have the hope filled message of "there's probably no God, stop worrying" float past.*

*Just feel the need to clarify, that's SARCASM for anyone who's notoriously bad for picking up on it, like myself.

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*Emma* said...

I love this.
The Methodist Church issued a statement on it that went along the lines of "We thank Mr Dawkins for bringing God to the forefront of modern society in day ot day life" or something like that!