Tuesday, January 27, 2009

the world is plotting against me

The route of the problem lies in the insanity of the people who make exam timetables. An exam at 9am. It wouldn't be that bad if the location of the exam didn't involve a tram journey. Because that means being up and ready in time to walk down to the nearest tram stop (or should I say least furthest tram stop) and then leaving enough time for the 10 minute tram journey and the bit at the other end where you have to wander around for a bit trying to find the actual place. Once all this has been achieved, plus the mandatory 10 minutes standing outside mass freakout, you're not looking at a 9am start but a 7:30 start.
So begins my night of terror.
I promised myself I would stop getting anxious over exams and that I'd stop freaking out about them. So the night before I had my Horlicks, had a shower and settled down to sleep- at 10:30pm. An hour later I was still awake, failing at my best attempts to keep above promise. Still, I thought, 11:30 isn't that late, I'll still have 8 hours sleep. An hour later and the hours of sleep dwindled to 7. Still a fair sleep. 12:30am. The residents of Tapton awake. Cue 2 and a half hours of drum and bass music loud enough to make my bed vibrate, about 4 different conversations within earshot, coming from above, below and across from my room, voices seeping into my room through every crack/wall and sporadic banging noises and blasts of a trumpet.
3am. It's gone quiet, well less noisy anyway. Finally I start drifting off to sleep every so often but not for more than a couple of minutes.
4am. The fire alarm goes off. At this point life seemed to have passed far beyond the mildly frustrating phase and into the 'the world is plotting against me' phase. So, on goes the dressing gown. There I am, standing outside in my pajamas in sub minus temperatures among roughly 100 drunk people and feeling pretty sorry for myself and crying a lot.
4:30am Kicked off my shoes and literally dove back into bed.
5am. Asleep at last.
6am. Wake up thanks to a nightmare.
6:30am Fall to sleep
7:15am Alarm rings.

I hope next time they schedule an exam in the early hours of the morning, they might have the sense to realise that they should probably be a bit more strict on noise. But at least I made it to the exam, unlike the person I was supposed to be going with.

And all this just leaves me wondering what has our society come to when people are so damn inconsiderate that they think it's ok to make as much noise as they like and set off fire alarms during exam period.

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