Monday, August 03, 2009

how it feels to feel like a yoyo

I'm in a chatty mood so to save myself from filling out endless ridiculous facebook quizzes which noone reads anyway and can come across as insanely pretentious, I thought I'd revert to the humble old blog and waffle away about nothing for a while until I'm so tired I just go to bed.

I have been an absolute yoyo over the past couple of months or at least that's how it's felt. As anyone feels in those months leading up to uni, where I was exactly a year ago, the future is just one big unknown and there's this feeling of novelty that comes with every day which had previously been lost in the mundanity of sixth form and home life. Anyway, my point being that this long, free summer is one of those novelties that I'm still trying to get the hang of and I've been trying to juggle my various commitments all the while finding myself bored with nothing to do on a frequent basis. The yoyo part, however, is purely in the geographical sense. After being turfed out of the security of halls, myself and all my stuff, arrived back in Maidenhead barely before I'd had the chance to open my post, I was back in Sheffield for a week to sort out my job application and to move into my new house. Once all moved in, the lack of internet, money and kitchen utensils, not to mention no imminent start of my job, drove me home again where all these things suddenly appear at my disposal (much to my shame).

Before I really had the opportunity to indulge myself in the above mentioned, I was carted up north once again, to the west this time, to witness my sister becoming a doctor, once and for all, with another ceremony which included a lot of clapping made slightly more fun by clapping extra loudly for random unsuspecting individuals. I met my sister's boyfriend, who missed dinner and arrived (after a lot of nagging) in time for pudding due to the fact he ran over a cat en route and had to take it to the RSPCA. Which would've come across as a very caring and loving act if only my entire family actually cared to any degree for animals, which once again to my shame, we don't. I was incredibly jealous of my sister's beautiful house which I appreciate all the more after having a taste for home decorating by decking my own little room out with pink furnishing. My jealousy was impinged slightly by the fact her toilet door doesn't lock and there is a gap down the middle, just in the right place to give a full viewing to anyone walking past. Which I did not appreciate when sharing the house with 6 others.

Anyway, after these two days I was once again homeward bound for a week before going up to Lancaster for my other sister's graduation. However, due to the fact my parents hadn't told my sister I was coming, she was off on the razzle and didn't want me to stay with her. The other option was to room share with a certain someone else, which I won't divulge any names or details about my reluctance. So, my parents dropped me off at Liverpool so I could stay in Claire's lovely house while mum, dad and granny continued their voyage to Lancaster which me and Claire travelled to by train the next morning. Another graduation ceremony, another family meal and a night in my sister's grotty student house later and I was headed back once again to Maidenhead.

Nothing particularly exciting occurred in Maidenhead except frantic packing on my behalf which resulted in me leaving many boxes of random tat that I've acquired in 1st year of uni in my old bedroom. And I was all set to go back to Sheffield. Then I got a phone call from Nicki. An impromptu trip down to Dorset with some of the original 12. Torn between sticking to my comfortable plan and swanning off to freedom in Sheffield, and jumping in on the spontanaeity and roadtripping down to Dorset, I decided to do the latter mainly on my mum's recommendation who I think just wasn't ready to see me and all my stuff disappear until some indefinite future time. Anyway the details of Dorset are much as you would expect, a lot of wrong turnings down country lanes, drinking games and junk food not to mention an overwhelming amount of catching up on each other's first year experiences which were all as average as the middle class teens we were before we went.

So after Dorset, back to Maidenhead before driving back up to Sheffield, accompanied by my entire life's belongings (minus all the crap I deemed unneeded for 2nd year and left at home). I moved into my room officially, made it so pink and girly it could belong to an 8 year old (it'd probably pass as adult acceptable minus the forever friends bed covers), stocked up on all those absent kitchen utensils and handtowels for the bathroom and the like and have settled into Sheffield living, seeing friends here and there and being trained up for my job.

But obviously, this state of, er, settled-ness, is shortlived as I once again venture out for a kid's camp for which I have to get the train to Leeds and then down to Birmingham then a bus to the middle of nowhere, with a bunch of children in tow I might add, not to mention luggage consisting of mainly paint, cardboard and children's books.

Then it's back to Sheffield before going to Somerset for Momentum and then back to Sheffield before Maidenhead again on the 3rd September.

So, just to summarise, the past two months has been: Sheffield to Maidenhead to Sheffield to
Maidenhead to Liverpool to Maidenhead to Liverpool to Lancaster to Maidenhead to Dorset to Maidenhead to Sheffield and still to come- Sheffield to Leeds to Birmingham to middle of nowhere to Birmingham to Leeds to Sheffield to Maidenhead to Somerset to Sheffield to Maidenhead.

Might I add, I hate travelling.

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