Tuesday, September 08, 2009

a banana on the wall

A few random items to share whilst I dissolve my teeth with 2 litres of diet coke.


2) I have taken a couple of hours to type out my testimony:
please read, it is pretty long but hopefully worth the read.

3) I found this amazing personality test website. www.peoplemaps.com
Some of the highlights of my personal appraisal:

"You do have a romantic streak, fi , however it plays tug-of-war with your down to earth view of life. You make friends easily, however to become a personal or close friend of yours can take a very long time. This is because relationships are important to you so you like to take your time. You are very wary of sharing much of yourself with those who have not been tried and tested. You are a truly very private person. Your perfect partner would be someone considerate, with patience who talks about things that interest you. You're a born counsellor fi who spends many a happy hour hearing others' tales of woe- you also offer sound advice though. You are non-confrontational. You don't like being late and will apologise profusely. Fi is a good mediator. Being in a team that gives fi little opportunity to use facilitation skills would be a real waste of talents. Fi Sweeney has the great gift of being willing to respond to the needs of others."

4) I've forgotten number 3 so until i remember i will fill this space with the short and sweet anecdote that i walked past a banana sitting on the wall earlier. True story.

5) A song I wrote for Jade:

My Blessed Best Friend

there's something about the way you are
you're my beautiful superstar
in my darkest night for me you lit a light
and when i couldn't, you kept shining bright

you're my blessed best friend
and i'll love you til the end
when i thought i wouldn't make it through
God blessed me with you

when you need some sunshine to guide your way
let me help you and i'll hide the grey
i'll hold your hand like those days you held mine
with hope and faith restored together we'll shine

to count the smiles and the times we were happy
we'd be riding on infinity
grapes and chocolate, coffee and tea
talking all night, swimming in the sea
you and me
you and me
you and me
you and me


Anonymous said...

i love you so much :)
i do actually love you...
you're such a great friend!!
i feel so lucky

Claire said...

<3 it !