Tuesday, November 03, 2009

mess, a metaphor for... mess

it's an ongoing issue that i think i need therapy for. proof is here, here  and here.

the fact i am an utter mess at the moment is reflected in the fact that, once again, i have yet more proof of the above variety.

i was just reading back over this blog and noticed the pink scarf which i just realised was around my neck half an hour ago. i honestly have no idea how i managed to take it off and have it draped across the room. i couldn't create this sort of mess if i was trying, i swear it's some sort of genetic deformity... it's just so natural to be messy!

i reckon it must be time to reprioritise when it's 23:40, i have a 9am and i'm blogging about the mess which i have to clear in order to have enough room to sleep tonight. ah it sucks to be a mess.


One Hundred Days of TKD said...

that is a very very good effort :)

Anonymous said...

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