Monday, December 14, 2009

4 weeks without

Only one week to go until the holidays. This time next week i'll be 20 years old, 200 miles away from Sheffield, and waving goodbye to Jessica for 3 weeks...
which got me thinking about all the things I'm going to be without for the holidays.
4 weeks without:
* having to take the bins out at stupid o'clock because i forgot to do it when it was still light enough not to trip over next door's cat
* having to spend my well earned student loan on food and mundane toiletries like toilet roll
* having to stand out in the rain for 15 minutes until 3 buses turn up at once just to pay for the privilege of smelly men and kids playing chav music only to get hurled around trying to push past all the people who stand in the aisle
* having to get up at 7:30am to make a 9am lecture about something that may as well be in japanese for all i understand
* opening the fridge to find an open packet of bacon resting on top of my lettuce
* being called jess, being confused with jess and generally feeling second best to jess
* getting subtly hinted at about the soap suds in the shower cubicle/ the dead plant i left in the kitchen/ my shoes left lying around/ making too much noise
* suffering from housemate abuse
* coming down for breakfast to find various bodies residing under a duvet on the sofa
* having 6 other people within earshot of me belting out emo songs on my guitar
* getting woken up by drunk people walking past my window
* hearing the word 'bills' 'heating' and 'washing up'
* having to keep my bedroom somewhat tidy for when people come over
* having to phone home
* having to climb a flight of stairs just to get to the living room
* hills.

Every cloud...

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