Wednesday, December 16, 2009


inert... unsure of what hurts the most

sat transparent and just a ghost.

familiarity or mere contempt?

before... a meagre prelude of this attempt,

devastation descended this time,

whose arms left in which to confide?

confession tainted with masquerade,

lies and ruse... the truth to evade

who can grasp the depth of this?

quite how dark it is within the abyss?

confronted with faith of what this depicts,

every sign is justification to convict.

withered parts of heart left only to bring,

damaged and worthless through everything .

then a million dreams in one come true

a vulnerable explosion of many hues.

til reverie shattered into innumerable parts,

how to mend a trampled heart?

worst is no choice but for it to be this way,

by-product brokenness yet integrity stayed.

the rawness protests never again,

after once enough pain remains.

struggling on to make it through,

glimpses of pink but forever blue.

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