Thursday, January 21, 2010

love don't cost a thing

something that always strikes me is the cost of love. i guess sometimes it demands a high price of you, the ultimate act of love was, afterall, very costly. and in any relationship it costs us in terms of the trust and selflessness that we need to invest in another, often forsaking our own comfort in the process.

but to just love, is so free. sometimes when you love something or someone so much, it feels like you should be paying for that privilege. the blissfulness of intimacy sometimes seems like a stolen delight, as if something so treasured should be paid for or bought in some way. i figure it works more as an exchange than a single transaction; to be loved in return is something money could never buy.

deuteronomy 6:5, 'love the lord your god with all your heart, soul and strength.' what does that cost? an investment of our entire lives; least of all the things we invest in loving one another. as if we kid ourselves that anything less than all is enough. just as the transaction of love is complete with reciprocation of love, how can we really love god unless we are making a fair exchange. he gave it all so we should give it all.

and so with those disordered and jumbled thoughts, i conclude that that's what makes love so free and yet entirely costly. and i've been realising how much easier it'd be if it didn't cost us anything but then it wouldn't be that all- consuming, fulfilling, unreserved and requited love; the sort that seems to demand a price.

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