Monday, January 11, 2010


Nemesis you’re back for the 100th time
Still committing the same old crimes
Obsession is your operative word
All because of you this occurred

Nemesis angered that you hadn’t won
Finding vengeance in round 1-0-1
Damned if I do, damned if I don’t
That’s the dilemma for which you hoped

Nemesis just when I thought we were through
You returned for round 102
Back to the start return to square one
You won’t give up til the deed is done

Nemesis please stop fighting me
Too tired for round 103
I wish I could surrender from your grip
But you still cause me to slip

Nemesis I’m too weak for war
Please don’t come back for 104
Disappear to your dark realm
No one else to overwhelm

Nemesis please stop robbing lives
Just promise to stop after 105
I shouldn’t summon you back so much
But I crave your comfort, I need your touch

Nemesis ignore my pleas to become sick
I’d be crippled by round 106
Heart held together by stitches and glue
Don’t make me add binding too

Nemesis you never warn me when
Suddenly here for 107
Running in circles a catch 22
Change your tune to something new

Nemesis you pretend you’re so great
I think you are til 108
Your lies had me for a fleeting moment
Then I remembered the pain you sent

Nemesis came back for 109
Just as I thought things were fine
Go away and don’t return
When will I ever learn?

Nemesis how much more can you send?
Starting again 110...

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