Sunday, January 03, 2010


So, last year, my resolutions were:
  • write at least 3 songs
  • pass 1st year
  • read at least 20 books
  • start a new hobby
  • give up alcohol for lent
  • get another tattoo/ piercing
  • learn how to cook
and i did them all (maybe in my somewhat subjective opinion for the last one but bearing in mind this time last year i couldn't have identified a turnip).

As I couldn't really care less that it's a new year, I'm not making resolutions for this year, but there are things i'm hoping to change, which i would change regardless of the time of year; i'd like to be more tidy, more patient (far more patient), more frugal, and more active. I've already started playing my cello again these holidays which is something i've wanted to do for ages, and so far my pedometer that i got for christmas tells me i've walked 41,332 steps in 6 days. I'd also like to write more songs and read more books but there doesn't seem any point in resolving to do these things as i would do them anyway.

One resolution i probably should make though is to be more positive about 2010. So, er, happy new year.

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