Wednesday, January 06, 2010

yellow teeth

When I see a sign like this, I see an adventure.

Cycling along this particular path was the only way I felt I could escape.

If my guitar could hear all the things I've sang as I've strummed, it'd know all my secrets.

One day, I'll do this again.

These people taught me the meaning of unconditional friendship.

Sometimes, I do things on a whim and then can't quite believe what I'm doing.

It's through the most innocent things that I've lost my innocence.

Or so the story goes...

Life scares me infinitely more than death.

The only thing which would ever make me want to live life over, would be if we could have lived more of it together.


Laura said...

I love this entry, potentially one of my favourite ones yet!! :]

lauren joy said...

this is great.
i left a comment on your testimony blog, if you wanted to go read it (: