Tuesday, February 02, 2010

fifty five things that may or may not be of interest

10 things you want: 
1. this dress from new look

2. Megan Fox's hair/figure/face

3. Freedom

4. Missy Higgins' voice
5. Revival
6. a little place to hideout where i can take my tears and hideaway beautiful things

7. to make a difference

8. to achieve stuff

9. to relive all the moments that have taken my breath away

10. to be friends forever

9 musicians/bands you love:
1. missy higgins
2. taylor swift
3. regina spektor
4. damien rice
5. sigur ros
6. brooke fraser
7. bebo norman
8. delirious
9. natasha bedingfield

8 things you do everyday:

1. write a to- do today list
2. put pen to paper
3. count my steps
4. look for the special moments
5. photograph the special moments
6. decide special moments can't be photographed
7. lose myself to the music
8. wish, hope and strive

 7 things you enjoy: 
1. driving; driving in the dark, driving with no destination and driving away

2. being awake when everyone else is asleep
3. intimacy
4. craft and journals, words and wordle.

5. the morning air, the evening air, the night air

6. strumming on my guitar 

7. whispers of our hopes and dreams and secrets when it's you and me against the world

6 things that will always stir your heart:
1. the people on the streets who soldier on through times harder than i'll ever know
2. the people who lose the love of their lives; i cannot imagine how hard this must be
3. the little children who don't get the love they deserve from their mummies and daddies. again, i cannot imagine how hard this must be.
4.  beautiful melodies and powerful lyrics
5. the diary of anne frank
6. channel 4 documentaries

5 favorites: 
Movie: the truman show
Song:  (this week) forgive me by missy higgins

Book: the lion the witch and the wardrobe 
Food: country crisp cereal

Season: autumn

4 smells or scents you enjoy:
1. the smell of my princess: gucci envy me
2. the smell of sunday afternoons: fresh baking
3. the smell of home on a winter's day: woodsmoke
4. the smell that comes from one corner of my room: unidentified but flowery and soapy

3 places you want to go: 

1. thailand
2. 2008... to put things right
3. heaven

2 Favorite Holidays:

1. momentum 20092. 'piss and shag holiday' greece 2008

1 person you’d marry on the spot:

the one who is my soulmate

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