Sunday, March 28, 2010


i am officially going to thailand this summer.
for 6 weeks.
with the bestest girl in the world.
and we're gonna be free spirits.
cos that doesn't happen often.
we're gonna be real adventurers.
i've had the jabs in my arms.
it wasn't the best experience.
but i'd do anything for her.
i'd have a million trillion injections.
i'm even gonna get a bikini.
and we're gonna go to the beach.
and we're gonna sleep out in a little hut.
and be real adventurers.
i'm gonna work loads of shifts.
to get as much money as possible.
so that i can afford to spoil us.
and afford to be real adventurers.
i'm gonna try thai food.
i hate rice.
but i'd do anything for her.
and anyway, i'm a real adventurer.
we're gonna buy pretty little dresses.
when we get home.
cos it's her brother's wedding.
we're gonna watch them start their adventure.
we're gonna pass all our exams.
before all this.
then we'll really be free.
to adventure.
we're gonna eat chocolate again.
cos it's been a long time without sugar.
i couldn't have lasted without her.
it's her birthday this week.
and i'm gonna spoil her.
cos i'd do anything for her.
cos she's my fellow adventurer.
i'm gonna give her so many presents.
and we're gonna do some crazy things.
we're gonna have an adventure.
we've done crazy things.
we stepped outside the box.
went a bit mad.
but adventures always are a little crazy.
and i'd do anything for her.
we're gonna have many more adventures.
i'm gonna have many more adventures.
with the bestest girl in the world.

Monday, March 22, 2010

not that i know what to write

it's been too long since i last blogged. thus, i shall blog a lot of random stuff to pass the time by.

unbelievably, it's nearly april already. the two year anniversary of this blog has passed me by and it astounds me how the things i wrote back in 2008 feel like yesterday. two years have shown me many things and, looking with a little hindsight, things always seem to end up resolved. somehow. i feel the steady correlation between time and  life experiences has recently taken a steep road; that is, i seem to have experienced many more things in the last 6 months than i had in the 20 years prior to that.  i thought being a teenager was hard, but it seems being an adult is actually marginally harder. but if there's one thing i've managed to learn is that things usually end up alright and i guess for now it's just a case of riding them out without amassing too many regrets along the way.

it's suddenly the easter holidays. it's been almost a month since i ate any sugar which has been a challenge (technically for lent but to say it's in any way for religion's sake is a lie, it's more for the arbitrary challenge of it). a lot of afternoon naps (well, sleeps) have reduced my productivity immensely but still, when i consider all the calories i've avoided by going cold turkey on all chocolate, sweets, biscuits and cakes and all the money i've saved, it is almost worth it. however, i already intend to break it on easter day by eating a whole bag of mini eggs.

last weekend was surreal. usually, i am not spontaneous in the least. i do not spend vast amounts of money and i cannot be bothered to venture beyond my lecture theatre unless it's for the sake of exercising. however, recent stressful events at my uni house led me to go on a slight rampage. it all began with an innocent trip with a certain unnamed person, not that it takes much to guess, to meadowhall for the mundane reason that my ipod broke and i had to take it back to the shop. but innocent trip turned into dinner in a restaurant, followed by 2 bottles of wine (yup, i'm a lightweight, all details following were the result of just one bottle of wine), various other unmentionable activities and ending up with some very happy memories along with the memory loss. the next morning, still in a state of semi- inebriation, after only 3 hours sleep and with some painful injuries, i had the bright idea of going with unnamed person to their lecture. en route we stopped at boots to buy alka seltzer with added caffeine for damage control. at 9.a.m. i pretty much spent the lecture playing connect 4 against myself, giggling and feeling very close to chundering. we then ran to my lecture at 10 a.m, by which point i was pretty much asleep. we then went to a cafe for lunch (very out of character for my thrifty, weight conscious self!) before embarking on a walk down to botanical gardens, followed by tesco where i bought lots of seeds and nuts as part of a random muesli making adventure, that seemed the most logical thing to do on such a random day. the sight of all the food in tesco, however, made my stomach churn so much i nearly vowed never to drink again. we then went home and made 4kg of muesli altogether, with various healthy, sugar- free, overpriced, rabbit food resemblant components. an hour later and we were on our way to watch an ice skating show; think the xfactor finals but with ice skating instead of singing. it was cold but spectacular and was the perfectly random end to a perfectly random day.

saturday, however, consisted of 6 hours spent in the library with my dying laptop, reading about stuff i don't give a toss about. then, in an attempt to redeem myself of my faults from the night before, i went and fed the homeless before having an early night after watching a documentary about a woman who lost weight so she could give her dying husband a kidney.

i recently went to norwich for the weekend which was really lovely. jess' brother and his wife are beautiful, godly people and i definitely felt inspired coming home again. it was also lovely to see elisha for a catch up and to remember my life outside of sheffield.

i'm also going to thailand for at least a month this summer, because apparently i need to in order to 'fully understand' jess. actually, i'm going because i want to see her life, see a bit of the world and see some sea and sand. the only issue is my mum's certainty that going abroad results in death despite the fact i am going with someone who has lived abroad for 16 years. but i maintain that i would rather die young having an adventure than live til old age and to have never explored the world, there's only so many discoveries to be made along manchester road.

speaking of manchester road, a recent adventure led to the discovery of a secluded forest (found after lots of wall jumping and probably tresspassing). the sun was shining through the trees and as i sat on the logs around where a campfire had been, i imagined all the things in my life i'd throw in the fire and let burn, if i could. i deemed it the 'wood of nothing' and it was pretty sad to have to leave and return to my bedroom of everything. however, the sun may have been shining but it wasn't warm, and the one advantage of having everything is having central heating. it is funny though, how 20 minutes biking up the road can make you feel a million miles away from home.

so, that is everything and all, and probably a bit too much detail in some places.

see, i told you i didn't know what to write.