Wednesday, August 25, 2010

u-turning for jesus

this morning, yesterday morning and the morning before were mornings spent with a tea-towel on my head and sand stuck in my toes as i pretended i was in egypt for this year's holiday club. it's been flippin fun so far, from being wrapped in toilet roll to replicate a mummy, to quick thinking activities to keep the 6 year olds occupied as they get through activities so quickly.

anyway, that's my current excitement in life as, asides from that, nothing is happening of any interest whatsoever.

2nd year of uni finished, i spent 6 weeks in thailand running around off the rails, came home and went to soul survivor, which was 5 days of being very much on the rails (despite how impossible it was) and now i'm stuck in an awkward limbo where i don't quite have that freedom to roam into any area of self destructive rebellion yet neither am i having to adhere to any particularly strict ways of living. ironically, i am desperate to go back to sheffield, not so that i can roam free but so that i can get into some self imposed boundaried ways of living before i wander so far away from the path that i fall off the edge of the cliff.

so i have 2 more mornings to spend in egypt, learning as much as the children about my helping, providing and  forgiving god. and now i am going to try and respond to that by u-turning for jesus.