Tuesday, February 22, 2011

one thousand three hundred and ninety two words and two hundred and thirty three pounds and five pence.

Being the youngest of four children I've always been aware of this looming hazard they name "dissertation". It's a good thing actually because I've always imagined it to be some big, scary, grown up thing, almost a rite of passage into adulthood. Yet although it is bigger, scarier and more grown up than any uni work so far, it's just the top rung of the ladder and through my 2 and a half years at uni I have climbed most the way already (look at me all positive thinking!). So there's 2.5 weeks til it's due in and I've still got 90% left to write. Worried, me... never...

So Monday I'll be getting my exam results. This time they won't be rudely interrupting my summer in the sun in Thailand as they did last time. No, they'll just be rudely interrupting my last minute attempts to scrawl out above mentioned monster. Which means if they're bad, I'll have to try very hard to hold onto any motivation to finish. Luckily for me, I need a 2:2 to get onto my course next year and I'd be surprised if I didn't manage to pull that out of the bag, despite my American TV marathons on the night before said exams.

Onto more exciting things, or should I say, motivation to keep going... I'm going to Paris in April. I don't speak a word of french but I do know I like croissants and pain au chocolats so I figure it can only be a good thing.

1 dissertation, 1 essay, 1 assignment, and 4 exams. Until the end of my psychology undergraduate degree. I'm ticking them off one by one...

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