Sunday, October 16, 2011

how the hell does an iron work?

In an attempt to continue the momentum of my rekindled blogging habit I thought I'd write today even though nothing of any interest (well, nothing mentionable) has happened since I last wrote, and we're due to lose internet connection any day now, so before I am cut off into the abyss they call reality, I figured I would make the most of my time in cyberspace.

I went to a new church today. For the first 2 weeks of term I went to a church which was ideal really; lots of students, comfy seats (very important) and a free lunch at the end. But, they say no church is perfect and I didn't really have to look very far to discover an imperfection that was too big to ignore... You see, I really don't mind churches that are stuck in the 90's with their worship music, but ones which still sing old songs about 'ye thy dynamic spirit' and other sentences that make little sense to my modernised head just seem on a different planet where their definition of boredom is different to mine. I went for two weeks to see if there was much difference but when the vicar introduced the first song on my second week as a treasure from the 6th century I basically ran a mile. Apparently, singing newer songs would 'upset the older people in the church' which is total bull as I have seen St Peters do an amazing job of transitioning from the medieval ages into modern times. I did try and ask the vicar about it but got a pretty sharp response, and one which showed that he had absolutely no interest what so ever in whether some student that's walked in off the street likes the music or not. So long story short, the worship was bad enough (from my point of view) but the attitude of the vicar was even worse.

So this week I went to a church with very few students, very uncomfortable pews, but one with worship led by people who didn't look like they were in a coma. The songs were new (some so new I hadn't even heard them yet which for me is a rare occurrence), and I got a lovely lunch with lovely people afterwards who didn't look at me like I had 6 heads when a concern was raised.

So definitely trying that one out again.

In the afternoon I took a stroll along the canal that runs from the middle of nowhere, through Warwick and Leamington, and then into the middle of nowhere again. I enjoyed lovely views, great company, sunshine, and most importantly the feeling of freedom. Stretching my little legs beyond the bus stop was pretty satisfying. 3 hours of blissfulness. Yum.

So that was today, not exactly one of my wittiest blog posts but some info for those who may be interested in how the church search is going.

In other news, I tried to iron something today and basically after 15 mins of wondering how the hell an iron works I sort of half ironed something. Another one for the domestic goddess CV, although perhaps more impressive is how I've managed to avoid using an iron for 22 years.

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